Host a Course

Bring a course or a corporate training program to your city!

Consider hosting one or more of our 60+ courses in 2021. 

We are now accepting applications through March 2020 for the 2021 course schedule. We are seeking facilities (universities, hospitals, private clinics) for a variety of in-person courses. Tell us more about your facility by applying below! Scroll to the bottom if you’d like to learn more about our Corporate Training Programs.

Receive FREE Training

 In exchange for hosting, you receive 1-2 complimentary registrations in the hosted course. You can assign this benefits to yourself, your resident (if you are based at a residency), one of your PT staff members or a 2nd year or 3rd year physical therapy student (if you are based at a university). All changes to our course curriculum occur through a rigorous, peer-review/consensus process to ensure the information instructed is up-to-date and evidence-based, meaning all lecture and lab modules are only accepted after through review and group consensus decision.

Establish Presence

If you or your facility are interested in starting  a women’s health or pelvic health department at your hospital or practice or are trying to establish a stronger women’s health or pelvic health program at your university, hosting is a great way to get your PT staff trained. We take care of registration, marketing, customer service, learning management software fees, reimburse for dispensable supplies and provide course materials and our top-notch talented instructors from around the country to teach the course at your facility. We cover instructor travel and lodging.

Build Your Network

Approximately 50% of the Academy’s attendees (PTs, PTAs and SPTs) travel from out-of-state to attend our courses. Our hosts and attendees build friendships, mentorships and professional networks from interacting with each other. Expand your professional and social network!

Increase Education Access

You will find that hosting increases the reach of our profession and provides increased access to education for physical therapy professionals. Hosting strengthens the quality of education at your facility or the training available.

What You Need to Host

On-Site Coordinator

An on-site coordinator must be designated by the Host to oversee the planning and implementation of the course. Prior to the course, the coordinator will be the point of contact for Academy staff and Instructors. The host coordinator is responsible for the course logistics and operations, and should be on-site throughout each day of the course to troubleshoot and problem-solve. An influential “go to” person within the host facility can make that happen. Instructors must be able to communicate among themselves and with the host coordinator at all times. The host coordinator should be accessible via cell phone (on-site) and email (prior to and after the course). The coordinator ensures all course material shipments arrived from the Academy office and may give a tour of the facility space to the faculty 1 day prior to the course.

Easy Access to/from Airport, Hotels, Restaurants

Easy access to transportation, airports, hotels, and places to eat around your location; preference is given to sites that are less than 1 hour away from the nearest airport and that are in walking distance to hotels. Approximately 50% of our course attendees travel out-of-state and will rely on hotel lodging throughout the duration of their stay in your city. When you complete the host application, you will be asked to provide a list of nearby airports/hotels/restaurants. We recommend for the on-site coordinator to print several copies of restaurant lists and have available at the sign-in desk.

Meeting Space

Lecture and lab space to hold at least 30-60 students comfortably, with privacy necessary for Pelvic courses. Preference is given to hosts that can accommodate 40+ participants. Classrooms must have adequate lighting, suitable acoustics, ventilation, temperature control, presentation capabilities and flexible seating in order to expose students to the various types of room sets such as lecture and lab room with enough space to easily move around the tables and chairs. There is one 1-hour lunch break per day, one 15-minute morning break, and one 15-min afternoon break. It is best to set up morning/afternoon snacks either inside the classroom (if there is space) or in the foyer outside of the classroom. 

  • Exam tables for all PH and OB courses containing labs (1 exam table per 2 participants. i.e. For a class of 40, you will need 20 plinths with enough room to move around each table)

Equipment & Supplies

  • Audiovisual capability including projection screens and equipment, computer system, and internet access
  • Linens and linen service available (pillows, pillow cases, flat sheets, see hosting kit for quantities)
  • Lab Supplies (see hosting kit)
  • Stations
    • Check-In Station: Table for attendance sign in, name badge and lab manual pick up
    • Snack Station: Table(s) to display snacks and refreshments for the 15-minute AM/PM breaks (reimbursable by the Academy at set budget per person)
    • Water Station: Table that has bottled water or water pitchers
    • Exhibitor Station: Table(s) outside of the meeting space for the Academy’s exhibitors (the Academy typically has up to 1 exhibitor for select courses and will notify the site if there is going to be an exhibitor present).

Corporate Training Programs

Do you manage a chain of clinics, physical therapy practices or hospitals? The Academy offers a corporate program in which your facility can host a private series of Academy courses at your facility exclusively to your organization employees. Academy instructors teach the latest, evidence-based content which is updated annually through a rigorous, peer-reviewed process. This program allows your organization to provide consistent training to your physical therapy staff that is internationally recognized. The Academy offers its CAPP-Pelvic and CAPP-OB tracks separately or together in one combined bundle. The organization pays a flat fee to the Academy based on the number of registrants/staff. We recommend organizations to have at least 24 eligible PT staff members to enroll in this program. The Academy provides all of the course materials, the faculty to teach the course and covers all the shipment, printing, faculty lodging/travel/per diem expenses. The organization provides the training facility space, needed equipment and supplies and an on-site coordinator to help manage on-site logistics.

CAPP-Pelvic Corporate Training Program

83 Contact Hours | Approx 8.3 CEUs

The Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1 course is recognized by The International Continence Society (ICS) as providing training that conforms to ICS standards.

CAPP-OB Corporate Training Program

71 Contact Hours | Approx 7.1 CEUs

Combined Training Program

154 Contact Hours | approx 15.4 CEUs

The CAPP-Pelvic and CAPP-OB programs can be offered concurrently to your staff members during the same year or spread across two years. Your staff can gain new knowledge and clinical skills they can  put immediately into practice following each course. We recommend to space out the courses a few months apart to give adequate time for staff to implement their new knowledge and skills.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Aika Barzhaxynova, Executive Director of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy at