National Elections

Nominations close June 15, 2020.
Elections to open July 1-31, 2020.

Run for National Office

With nominations for the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy board now officially open, not only should you have the right to vote for the leader who represents the changes you want made in the academy and our profession, but you also might also ask yourself the question, “To lead or not to lead?” Consider being a leader this year and run for office!


To run for national office or the nominating committee, you must be an active member in good standing for a period of at least two (2) years immediately preceding their election. To run for the Student SIG, you must be a 1st or 2nd year Academy student member. To run for the Early-Professional SIG, you must be an Academy PT or PTA member in your first 0-4 years of practice.

2020 Election Timeline

  • February 1 – June 15, 2020: Nominations open on February 2020 and close at 12am EST, June 15, 2020 (extended due to COVID-19 impact)
  • July 1-31, 2020: Elections will be open
  • August 1-5, 2020: Candidates are notified of results
  • August 6, 2020: Election results are announced
  • February 24-27, 2020:  Elected candidates take Oath of Office at CSM 2021 in Orlando, FL.

Nominate or Apply

To run in the 2020 summer elections, you must be nominated either by a fellow academy member or nominate yourself. To run for national office or the nominating committee, you must be an active member of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for at least 2 years as a full PT or PTA member. The following positions are available for nominations. 

National Office

Special Interest Group Office

To lead, or not to lead?

Some people are natural born leaders; others learn to lead by taking a risk and surprising themselves with skills they never knew they possessed. Making the choice to become a leader is to make yourself vulnerable and open to risk and change, but more often than not, it is a valuable learning and growth opportunity. Open yourself up to the possibilities of what will transform your life, your profession and your community this year!

Giving back through service.

Many of us wear multiple hats, including physical therapist, mom/dad, spouse, friend, community volunteer. Time is precious. How can you possibly give one more thing? I remember getting an elections email and on that day thinking, “Maybe it would be nice to give back.” I’ve been in practice for more 15 years. My profession has served me well on many levels—enabled a successful business, wonderful patient relationships, life-long friends and colleagues, and a way to grow and deepen my knowledge. Perhaps it was time to serve my profession by becoming a leader in the Section on Women’s Health-APTA. Since being elected to the Nominating Committee, I have been fortunate to interact with local and national leaders in our profession and newbies just like me. I have met students, seasoned PTs, and new Section members. The energy is addictive!

Dr. Blair Green, PT, DPT, OCS, PHC

Former Nominating Committee Chair

Learn, Collaborate, Lead.

Participate in Meetings

As an officer or board member of the academy, you will be participating in 1-2 in-person meetings and quarterly virtual meetings throughout the year. Each year, the board meets at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting to conduct its annual winter board meeting to review the academy’s strategic plan and progress, introduce new initiatives and discuss industry issues and trends.

Build Leadership Skills

Officers and board members gain new leadership skills throughout their service. Each board member serves as a liaison to various volunteer groups such as committees and task forces.  The board focuses on governance, direction and vision. Board members conduct ongoing assessment of vision, progress and opportunities while the academy staff manages day-to-day operations within the context of the board’s direction.

Liaise with Volunteers

Implementation of the strategic plan most often involves recruiting volunteers who may be committee chairs, task force chairs, editors, and project directors, to name a few. The board develops task forces to work on key initiatives or charges committees to conduct specific work that supports the strategic plan. Board liaisons periodically check in with their assigned committees to communicate what is going on in the organization, how it affects the committee or group, and to give direction, guidance, and support to the group.

Devise Strategy

The board’s role is to set direction for the organization through strategic thinking, or a strategic plan to meet the changing landscape of the physical therapy profession and industry. It is also responsible for making sure that the goals and action strategies of the plan are implemented in partnership with volunteers and staff. While the board is not responsible for doing the actual implementation, it is responsible for establishing a mechanism to get the work accomplished and for monitoring progress.