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CPG Steering Committee

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Time Commitment: Varies

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The APHPT Clinical Practice Guidelines Steering Committee (the “CPG Steering Committee”) has been created as a standing committee of APHPT and charged with developing clinical practice guidelines (CPGs). To ensure our clinical practice is driven by evidence-based medicine, as opposed to “alternative facts,” CPGs are written summary recommendations based on the most recent, high-quality, and scientific evidence available on a given topic. The recommendations presented within a given CPG cover a wide variety of practice areas, including but not limited to diagnosis, examination, and intervention strategies.

The IOM (2011) defined clinical practice guidelines as “statements that include recommendations intended to optimize patient care that are informed by a systematic review of evidence and an assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative care options.”  The foundation of the CPG is a systematic review of the evidence of a condition.

The process has a major focus on the strength of the evidence by which clinical decision-making for that condition is based.  The Guideline also includes a set of recommendations, based on the evidence and value judgments regarding benefits and harms of alternative care options to address patient management.

Developing a CPG is a five-year process from start to publication, requiring revision every five years. Multiple steps ensure a high-quality publication at the end of the first five-year journey. The CPG will impact PT practice by identifying knowledge gaps, providing a clinical framework for PT management and recommending directions for future research.

The APHPT Clinical Practice Guidelines Steering Committee will: 

  1. Identify CPGs for development that align with the APHPT mission and create sub-groups to complete respective CPG projects
  2. Develop a work timeline for CPG groups and conduct follow-up for any incomplete CPGs
  3. Assist CPG groups with logistics of grant submission, development and publication
  4. Survey membership to determine which CPGs are to be developed/prioritized
  5. Vet, recruit and orient necessary members to CPG groups


The CPG Steering Committee will meet at least quarterly via virtual conferencing, with further meetings to occur as deemed necessary. The CPG Steering Committee shall report its activities and recommendations to the APHPT Board of Directors on an annual basis regarding any proposed changes to this Charter.


The CPG Steering Committee shall consist of up to five (5) appointed members. Members will serve three-year terms, with no member allowed to serve more than two consecutive terms. The committee chair will be appointed by the APHPT Board of Directors.

In the event a vacancy exists, the APHPT Board will appoint another member, who has consented to serve for the remainder of the vacancy term.  All members of the CPG Steering Committee must be current members in good standing.

The CPG Steering Committee may make rules to conduct its business. Unless otherwise provided by the APHPT Board of Directors in such rules, its business shall be conducted in concordance with the APHPT Bylaws. [SD1] The Board of Directors shall have the power at any time to fill vacancies on the Board, to change its membership or to discharge the Committee.


  • You must be a current APTA Pelvic Health member in good standing
  • Ability to work effectively in a group and manage deadlines
  • Grant application experience is a plus