The Academy Newsletter

Your digest of the latest Academy and physical therapy industry updates.

The Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy publishes a weekly newsletter accessible to member and nonmember Physical Therapists (PTs), Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) and Physical Therapy Students (SPTs). The e-Newsletter is a report on the latest industry updates including but not limited to upcoming events, legislative action, research, practice tools, member highlights, upcoming sales and recruitment calls for volunteers.


Newsletter Issue #131

January 14, 2021 | Call for volunteers, upcoming nominations, journal club webinars, CSM programming

Newsletter Issue #129

December 16, 2020 | Annual Meeting Date, January 2021 Courses, Guide to Remote Assessment

Newsletter Issue #128

December 10, 2020 | Open Volunteer Positions, New Journal Club Blog Post

Newsletter Issue #127

December 3, 2020 | SSIG Coffee & Chat, Course Discounts, Call to Action for Medicare Cuts

Newsletter Issue #126

November 19, 2020 | Elizabeth Noble Award Nominations, All Access Pass Discount