General Business Meeting

An annual membership meeting

Meeting Information

Friday, February 4, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Central Time*
Times are subject to change as we approach the event

Learn about the Academy’s strategic plan, accomplishments, future outlook and celebrate success stories, award recipients, and fellow members who are making waves in the industry! The General Business Meeting consists of a welcome address by the President, State of the Academy Presentation (30minutes) showcasing its performance highlights, future outlook presentation, Awards Ceremony, and live Town Hall during which time the Board will answer submitted questions from the membership.

Meeting Handouts:

  • 2022 General Business Meeting Agenda – List of time-ordered standard agenda items the Academy will cover during the meeting. The listed time durations for each item are subject to change as we approach the meeting date.
  • 2019-2021 Strategic Plan Scorecard – List of goals, objectives, tactics we have fulfilled and those were were not able to complete during the plan term.
  • 2013-2021 Financial Report – In an effort to promote financial transparency, the Academy has published a financial report for its members that shows its financial health year-to-year. This centralized report is going to be updated every February and after the Academy’s periodic financial audits to reflect any corrections resulting from the audits.
  • 2022-2025 Strategic Plan – List of all goals and strategies categorized by core pillars (Community, Education, Research & Knowledge, Practice & Advocacy, Operational Excellence).
  • 2022-2025 Organization Chart – All committees, groups, task forces work to fulfill the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the organization. This chart summarizes the future structure once the advisory committees are established and Board Director positions are restructured. Advisory Committees will be established gradually between 2022-2025. Advisory Committees do not possess governing authority nor can issue directives to the Board, staff, volunteers, contractors – they are tasked with providing recommendations to the Board and promoting collaboration between committees under each pillar.
  • Review 2021 General Business Meeting minutes – See what was presented and discussed during last year’s business meeting. You may also watch the recordings of the meeting and the list of questions and answers presented at the Town Hall.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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State of the Academy Presentation
Followed by the annual Awards Presentation

Elizabeth Noble Award Presentation
Awards presentation and award acceptance speech

Town Hall
Board addressed questions from members.

Meeting Reminders

Index Cards for Nomination Recommendations
During the Announcements section of the General Business Meeting, the Nominating Committee will open the floor for nominations for elected office. You will have the opportunity to nominate a fellow Academy member or yourself for an elected position for the Academy’s 2022 election cycle. You also have the option to pick up an index card from a Nominating Committee member in the room (each will wear a RED round elections badge) to submit your nomination in writing. You may write down your nomination on the card and hand it to a Nominating Committee member. See instructions for submitting/announcing a nomination. If you are attending online via Zoom, please submit your nominations via the Zoom Chat Window. If you have any questions about nominations or elections, please contact our committee at
Visit for a full list of elected position for which we will seek nominations. This link includes all the position descriptions and eligibility requirements. Those joining us virtually, you may submit your nominations via the Zoom chat window where a Nominating Committee member will record your nomination. Self-nominations are accepted.
Motion Cards
If you are interested in making a motion during the New Business section of the General Business Meeting, please use the provided motion cards. You may obtain a motion card from the first row or from a staff member in the front row. If you are attending online via Zoom, please submit your motion via the Chat Window. We will read it out loud on your behalf at the in-person meeting. See motion instructions.
Thanks to our sponsors this year, we are excited to announce giveaways throughout the General Business Meeting so make sure not to miss out on these announcements! All in-person and virtual registrants will be entered automatically into the giveaways. Winners will be contacted after CSM with instructions on how to claim their prizes.
Instructions for Award Recipients / Newly Elected Leaders
If you are an award recipient or have been recently elected, we kindly encourage you to sit closer to the front of the room for easier access to the stage. We will call your names during the Awards Ceremony and/or during the Oath of Office for you to come up to the front of the room to be handed your award or for you to take your Oath of Office. Award recipients and newly elected leaders will receive a separate email this Friday 1/28 with more specific instructions.