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Mastitis & Physical Therapy

Mastitis & Physical Therapy By Caryn McAllister, DPT and founder of a CT healthcare company in NYC. HQHT Care, HQHT Therapy Treatments, Pregnancy, Women’s Health Planning to nurse? Health experts agree that breastfeeding is the healthiest option for both mom and baby.  Most healthcare experts recommend nursing for the first…

Academy Research Grant Award Recipient Announced

The Academy is delighted to announce the recipient of the 2021 $5,000 Research Grant Award, Andrea Wood, PT, DPT, Board-Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist (Fellow/Principal Investigator) and the investigative team, for their project titled “The Impact of Combined Resistance and Aerobic Interval Training on Patient Reported Constipation Outcome Scores in…




Rebeca Segraves, PT, DPT Board-Certified as a Women’s Health Specialist

Event Speakers

DR ELIZABETH R. SHELLY, PT, DPT, Board-Certified Women's Health Clinical Specialist, BCB-PMD

Event Speakers

Alexandra Hill, PT, DPT, CLT-Board-Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist

Event Speakers


The mission at Intimate Rose is to advance pelvic health worldwide. Intimate Rose combines best-in-class pelvic health devices with detailed educational materials for patients and clinicians. Intimate Rose is committed to furthering evidence-based practice by funding the Academy of Pelvic Health’s research grant ($10,000), thereby expanding clinician knowledge for optimal patient outcomes.

Intimate Rose

The Academy is the professional organization that unites pelvic health therapists across the country. It provides educational platforms, specialization certification and advocacy for our profession. ALL pelvic health therapists that want to see our field advance should join the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy.

Ramona C. Horton PT, MPT


It made me a better clinician, treating with more confidence and gave me the ability to market to my referral sources so they, in turn, know I gave the skills to treat their patients.

Elena J.

I felt that completing the case reflection study was extremely helpful for reviewing the literature and course materials in practical application and for fortifying my understanding of the knowledge. The CAPP has been helpful in promoting my abilities and expertise in this treatment area, just just to other other multi-disciplinary professionals but also to the public. I don’t feel that way about all certifications, but I do about this. It also helps that the title makes sense to all who read it.

Maggie D.

Completion of the CAPP provided me with an additional stimulus to research various topics and further develop my knowledge base as a specialized professional. I also believe the CAPP serves as a respectable symbol of my professional development efforts to my employer, my referral sources, and my patients.

Maggie D.

I think the most beneficial component of the CAPP program is its commitment to exclusively train Physical Therapists and in a consistent manner that is evidenced-based. I absolutely feel as though it has aided in my career. I also feel as though the students, interns, and colleagues I have met who have trained through the Academy, including obtaining the CAPP, stand out professionally from colleagues who have received training elsewhere.

Meghan M.

Many of us wear multiple hats, including physical therapist, mom/dad, spouse, friend, community volunteer. Time is precious. How can you possibly give one more thing? I remember getting an elections email and on that day thinking, “Maybe it would be nice to give back.” I’ve been in practice for more 15 years. My profession has served me well on many levels—enabled a successful business, wonderful patient relationships, life-long friends and colleagues, and a way to grow and deepen my knowledge. Perhaps it was time to serve my profession by becoming a leader in the Section on Women’s Health-APTA. Since being elected to the Nominating Committee, I have been fortunate to interact with local and national leaders in our profession and newbies just like me. I have met students, seasoned PTs, and new Section members. The energy is addictive!

Dr. Blair Green, PT, DPT, OCS, PHC

Former Nominating Committee Chair

Years spent as a yoga instructor led Anietie to a career focused on pelvic health. “Having gone through my own trials with my own pelvic floor from miscarriages to surgery and pregnancy to birth, this region of the body continued to be a mystery even then despite all of that ‘stuff’ that I had happening down there.” As a CSM Student Scholarship Recipient, Anietie has invested heavily in education on pelvic health, started her own podcast about women’s health, self care and pelvic floor health called ‘The Masterful Art of Self-Care’ and hopes to open her own clinic dedicated to treating pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Anietie Ukpe-Wallace, SPT

Loni is a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the recipient of the 2018 Women in PT Summit Scholarship. She’s not afraid to do a little (or a lot) of research and has made a point to use her past personal experiences to inform how she serves patients today. She’s on a mission to keep the “normal” symptoms of sexual abuse as far from the norm as possible. 

Loni Cooper, PT, DPT