2020 Elections Candidate

EPSIG Director (2021-2022)
Positions Available: 2

Matthew Harville, PT, DPT

Henrico, Virginia

Personal Statement

Pelvic health is a passion of mine. My purpose with my practice is to advocate for services for the entire gender spectrum and break the stigma surrounding pelvic health. With the advancement of our section to the Academy of Pelvic Health, I find it crucial for early practitioners to be cognizant of how diverse our society and profession is. One of my goals is to provide leadership for these early practitioners and to promote our mission to advance excellence through practice and social responsibility.

I exhibit leadership qualities through platforms such as setting up a pelvic health practice at my clinic and pursuing opportunities to improve LGBTQ+ access and knowledge of physical therapy care. While in school, I pushed my program to allow me to take part in a pelvic health rotation because of how passionate I am about this population. The affiliation changed the way I think and practice and I want to mentor young/early clinicians and advocate the importance of allowing individuals to pursue their passions and dreams. The academy is moving toward breaking molds by changing their name and I would be proud to be a part of the movement to stop stigma regarding pelvic health for everyone with a pelvis.”


  • Bachelor of Science in Forensic Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University 2010
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University 2010
  • DPT Mary Baldwin University, 2019


Current Practice

I work in a clinical practice at a private outpatient clinic seeing patients with general orthopedic and pelvic health conditions across gender spectrum.

Industry Involvement & Accomplishments

  • Contributed to Entropy Physiotherapy blog about Hard Flaccid Syndrome.