2020 Elections Candidate

Nominating Committee Member (2021-2024)
Positions Available: 1

Krystyna Holland, PT, DPT

Denver, CO

Personal Statement

“The Academy has made significant progress in the direction of inclusivity. We’ve worked to expand the boundaries of pelvic health care and what it means to providers and patients. There’s more to do, and it requires a diverse, yet collaborative, group of leaders with an expansive idea of what pelvic health can be, and how our Academy can both lead the charge, as well as join the ranks of other organizations with common goals. I would like to be part of that legacy.

The Nominating Committee performs the integral function of grooming and vetting leadership with complementary skill sets in order to meet the ambitious and meaningful goals of our organization. Our Academy isn’t lacking in brilliant, passionate leaders.

Where we can be more intentional is how we can make space for some of those leaders. Space that may have been challenging to access due to what we have grown to expect our leadership to look like. My work regularly centers individuals who do not traditionally have access to leadership spaces, or frankly, to good quality healthcare.

This lack of access, while being positionally disadvantageous, contributes to a meaningful and important point of view for a board of directors. Sometimes, it also requires tending to grow. This tending is exactly what I have to offer. Additionally, my professional split, as both the owner of a company and a staff PT at a hospital allows me the opportunity to see organizations from the top down, and the bottom up – both important perspectives when considering leadership options for an organization of over 3,500 people. For the Academy to continue to grow, to be valuable to its membership, and to be effective in its mission, it requires new and diverse perspectives that need intentional space and tending, which I can offer.”


  • B.S. in Kinesiology The College of William and Mary, 2013
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Georgia State University, 2018



  • Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Certificate
  • Coaching and Training Women Academy, August 2018


Current Practice

  • Owner and Founder, Inclusive Care – a physical therapy practice specializing in providing trauma-informed, individualized pelvic health care to people across the gender-identity spectrum August 2018 – Present
  • Physical Therapist, Denver Health Hospital Authority – an LGBT Center of Excellence, non-profit, community safety net hospital, serving individuals across the greater Denver Metro Area. Denver Health primarily serves individuals utilizing government funded insurance, and is one of two providers of pelvic health services to individuals utilizing Medicaid in Denver.
  • Teams and specialty experience include:
    • Post-Operative Vaginoplasty Team: provides pelvic health services to transgender women after
      surgery in order to assist them with the care and function of the neovagina
    • Women’s Integrative Pelvic Health Team: utilizes an interdisciplinary approach by including trauma-
      informed gynecology, uro-gynecology and gastroenterology providers, pelvic floor physical therapists, holistic-trained nurse practitioners, behavioral health providers, and a nurse coordinator, April 2019 – Present

Industry Involvement & Accomplishments

  • Virgil Jacobs Award, Spring 2018
    • In memory of Dr. Virgil Jacobs, former anatomist in the physical therapy program, this award is given to
      the student who best exemplifies the qualities of intelligence, compassion, fairness, honesty, and sincerity
      in addition to outstanding scholarly anatomical competence.
  • An Innovative Approach to Care for Women with Pelvic Pain Disorders, poster acceptance at Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Systematic Innovation to Improve Patient Access to Integrative Pelvic Care, poster acceptance at Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention
  • A Head Case: Injury to Integration, Session Speaker, NEXT Conference and Exhibition, Orlando, FL
  • Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Northwest Regional Representative, 2019 – Present
  • Serving the Underserved – the Importance of Trauma Informed Care – a webinar for CEUs for the NJAPTA Physical Therapy Association of Colorado Member, June 2018 – Present
  • Physical Therapy Association of Georgia Member, June 2015-June 2018