Course Attendance


What happens if I fail the exam? Contact the Academy at for further directions.

I lost my certificate. Where can I find it? You can always log in HERE and access your existing certificates for re-printing. Username: E-mail Address, Password: Last Name (*First letter capitalized). If you still have any trouble locating your certificate, please contact

I’m experiencing technical difficulties with my exam or survey; whom do I contact? Contact the Academy office at for further directions.

I’m applying for CEUs in my home state. Where do I find the best point of contact? You may find the list of State Licensure Boards on the FSBPT website by clicking HERE.

What is the approval number for my CAPP course? The Section does not individually apply for course approval numbers to each state.It is up to each individual to submit for CEU’s. If you need particular materials that you cannot find online, please email with the list of documents you need. Our participants have never had trouble getting a course approved for credit once they applied with their states’ boards.

I am completing the exam for my final course in the Pelvic or OB track. How long do I have to submit a CAPP Case Reflection? You have one year after the date of your last course to submit your Case Reflection.

When do I need a model? Some of the Academy courses include internal vaginal or rectal exams which may require for you to bring in a live human model to stand in for you during the course lab activities. If you are pregnant you will need written permission from your OBGYN in order to participate. Otherwise you are required to bring a model. If you are a man taking the course you need a model. If you have an active STD or a vaginal infection you will need to bring a model. Models are to be present only during lab times, please review the time ordered agenda for the particular course you have registered for to note the times. All other cases, please e- mail the instructor of the course. For additional information about models and where to find one, please read our Pelvic Model Guidelines PDF. It is your responsibility to find or bring a model. It is NOT the course facilitators’ responsibility to find a model for you. You may e-mail them to see if they know a place to hire one. If they do not know, you should plan on bringing a model with you (friend, family member). This model can NOT participate in class and will need to leave the class space during the non-lab times, they are there purely as a model. If you cannot find a model at this time, please consider taking the class at a different time when you can participate or when your selected model will be available.

Are students allowed to take the courses? Yes, third-year PT students can take the PH1 and OBF courses in the CAPP series. Please check the individual course descriptions for all other courses as requirements vary course by course for non-CAPP courses.

Can I leave early from the course? Course participants are expected to stay through the entire duration of the course. Participants must carefully make their your travel plans accordingly so that there is enough cushion time to get to and from course facility. Deduction of contact hours on the post-course certificate of completion will occur for participants leaving the course early.

What happens if I arrive late for the course? If you arrive more than 2 hours late for the course, you will be asked to leave. There is a lot of important information in the early part of the course to miss. This is a certification course and all information presented is vital to the practice of physical therapy.

Whom should I contact if I can’t make it to the course? Please contact and review our Cancellation Policy. 

I am a lactating mother and need space to pump during the course. How can I arrange for this space? Please contact

Still have unanswered questions? Please contact the Academy office at for assistance.