Women’s Health Specialist Certification

managed by the American Board of Physical Therapist Specialties (ABPTS)

The American Board of Physical Therapist Specialties (ABPTS) oversees the Women’s Health Clinical Specialist (WCS) board certification. The “WCS” post-nominal initials (meaning, letters behind one’s name) indicates that a Physical Therapist (PT) has proven that he/she has the knowledge, skill, and experience exceeding that of an entry-level physical therapist and unique to the area of women’s health practice. The WCS examination is a comprehensive assessment of all areas described in the Women’s Health Description of Specialty Practice (DSP). The WCS is not administered nor facilitated by the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. Please direct all WCS-related questions to the ABPTS at spec-cert@apta.org. Please visit the ABPTS WCS website to learn more about eligibility requirements, key deadlines, check the status of your application and additional information about this certification.

Free Study Guide

To help our members prepare for the WCS exam, the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy developed a task force of members to generate a list of free and helpful tips and recommended readings to help you prepare for the exam. The topics and articles listed in our WCS Study Guide are not guaranteed to show up on the WCS Certification Exam nor is the Academy  responsible for any of the exam content. 


The Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy recognizes new and recertified WCS recipients at the annual APTA Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) during its General Business Meeting. Did you recently obtain the WCS or recertify? Contact our office at hello@aptapelvichealth.org so that we can include you in future invitations and updates.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

  • Allegra Ann Adams, PT, DPT
  • Amanda Mary Bachman, PT, DPT 
  • Elaine Borja-Jaffe, PT, DPT 
  • Taylor Decker Chapman, PT, DPT 
  • Jessica Chastka, PT 
  • Anne Elisabeth Cooke, PT 
  • Nicole Elizabeth DeBrie, PT 
  • Stephanie L. Dillon, PT, DPT 
  • Jill Luanne Ehrmantraut, PT, DPT 
  • Charly Ann Felty, PT, DPT 
  • Nicole Rene Garey, PT, DPT 
  • Colleen Gest, PT, DPT 
  • Brittany Leigh Gosse, PT, DPT 
  • Kimberly McNeal Hale, PT 
  • Corey Silbert Hazama, PT, DPT 
  • Lauren Haley Hill, PT, DPT 
  • Jenna Elizabeth Iberle, PT 
  • Jennifer Jones, PT 
  • Kamini Komarraju, PT
  • Darryl Kay Manzer, PT, DPT
  • Christine McCleary, PT, DPT 
  • Amanda Rose McDevitt, PT, DPT 
  • Laura Ellen McGuckin, PT, MPT 
  • Liana Marie Merrick, PT, DPT
  • Katlyn Yasaman Nasseri, PT 
  • Marie Jamille Dictado Niewiara, PT 
  • Desiree Pabin, PT, DPT 
  • Rashmi Bandekar Palacios, PT 
  • Amanda J. Palmeri, PT, DPT 
  • Nina Palombo, PT 
  • Ashley M. Peterson, PT 
  • Michelle Lynn Pouliot, PT, DPT 
  • Rebecca Rauch, PT, DPT 
  • Rebecca A. Reisch, PT, DPT, PhD 
  • Amy Joy Renaud, PT, DPT 
  • Nicole Jeannine Ron, PT, DPT 
  • Sarah Elizabeth Roney, PT, DPT 
  • Megan Michele Rorabeck, PT, DPT 
  • Colleen Renee Sandro, PT, MS 
  • Nidhi Sharma, PT 
  • Rachel E. Shepherd, PT, DPT 
  • Sarah Shimanek, PT, DPT 
  • Casey M. Smith, PT, DPT 
  • Erin M. Smith, PT, DPT 
  • Erica Ann Smits, PT 
  • Sara Beth Sohn, PT
  • Madison Splan, PT, DPT 
  • Sarah Ray Sydnor, PT 
  • Mary Tepe, PT 
  • Katherine B. Uttech, PT, DPT 
  • Laura K. Ward, PT, DPT 
  • Jacqueline Willacy, PT, DPT 
  • Maria Wondra, PT, DPT 
  • Angela Y. Wu, PT, DPT 
  • Jessica Lynn Wyen, PT, DPT 
  • Kristyn Nicole Yagla, PT

Recertified in 2019

  • Jennifer E. Celso, PT, DPT
  • Shayne E. Tarrance, PT, DPT
  • Christine M. Eddow, PT, DPT, PhD
  • Julie Ann Sarton, PT, DPT
  • Lisa Groen Mager, PT, MPT
  • Jennifer Klestinski, PT, MPT
  • Sarah Jo Haag, PT, DPT, MS
  • Deirdre M. Folsom, PT
  • Ingrid Harm-Ernandes, PT, BSPT
  • Deena P. Goodman, PT
  • Susan E. George, PT, DPT, MS
  • Elizabeth Hampton, PT, DPT
  • Susan C. Clinton, PT, DScPT
  • Laurelle G. Kilmartin, PT, DPT
  • Debora A. Chasse, PT, DPT
  • Sara E. Bolden, PT, DPT
  • Catherine A. Weibel, PT, DPT, ATC
  • Denise H. Leggin, PT, BSPT, MBA
  • Karen Helen Liberi, PT
  • Ruth M. Maher, PT, DPT, PhD
  • Amy H. Pannullo, PT, DPT
  • Natalie J. Sebba, PT, DPT
  • Pamela A. Downey, PT, DPT
  • Margaret R. Belongy, PT
  • Jennifer S. Hungate, PT, DPT, MS
  • Lisa A. Massa, PT
  • Christianna F. Christian, PT, DPT
  • Colleen F. Schomburg, PT, MPT
  • Stacy L. Tylka, PT, DPT
  • Jennifer J. Gabelsberg, PT, DPT
  • Kimberli A. Osler, PT, DPT
  • Suzanne A. Badillo, PT
  • Wendy S. Baltzer-Fox, PT, DPT
  • Patricia J. Morita-Nagai, PT, BSPT
  • Karen R. Brandon, PT, MPT, DSc