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Home of the highly regarded therapeutic internal massage and trigger point release wands. The TheraWand’s brilliant curves and dual release-ends make it perfect for pelvic massage, trigger point release and sexual wellness.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard in making exceptional products to help people. Our products are made 100% in the USA. Including the bulk of our packaging. We will never skimp on quality and use only the most advanced manufacturing techniques available. Please take extra care when ordering a pelvic wand to make sure it is an authentic TheraWand. There are some low quality imitations on the market. We are the only therapeutic wand company registered with the FDA. Please contact us for practitioner discounts and promotions.

“When I first saw the LA-Wand and the V-Wand I knew I had to offer it on my website to my pelvic pain customers. I was shown this product by my mother, who has had numerous prolapse surgeries. As the owner of the VuVa Vaginal Dilator company, it is important to me to offer a wide variety of pelvic pain products that encompass all levels of care that are safe. The LA-Wand and the V-Wand are made here in the USA which is very important to my customers base. There are no side effects as well. This company was created based on the foundation of helping women across the globe who suffer from pelvic pain. Thank you for such a great product and company.”​

Tara Langdale-Schmidt ​
President, Vuvatech LLC​

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Overall width 5/8”
Overall width 7/8”
Overall width 1”

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Blue Myo-Dio Overall Width of 7/8”