2.5-Hour Online Course

The Nuts & Bolts of Prostate Cancer in Physical Therapy

Dr. Joanne Milios, B.Sc(Physio) HDR, PhD

Course Overview

This course covers a range of topics relevant to physical therapist providing clinical, evidence-based care for men undergoing treatment for Prostate Cancer.

  • Introduction to Men’s Health
  • Clinical Assessment of Pelvic Health in Men
  • The Prostate Cancer Story
  • Treatment
  • Original Research / Pelvic Floor Muscle Function
  • Peyronie’s Disease Incident, Treatment, Research
  • Penile Rehabilitation & Pumps

Contact Hours: 2.5

Format: Self-paced course with voiced-over presentation with multiple-choice quiz and certificate of completion.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will gain knowledge in understanding:

  • Men’s health today: an introduction to the 5 year gender survival gap
  • Physical therapy approaches in men’s health with a focus on prostate cancer
  • Evidence-based physical therapy for men with urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease
  • Current clinical strategies that can easily be implemented
  • Pelvic floor muscle function tests and training programs based on Jo Milios’ research
  • Strategies to enhance physical therapy for men’s in the clinic and community outreach

Author & Presenter

Dr. Joanne Milios, B.Sc(Physio) HDR, PhD, Men’s Health Physiotherapist & Clinical Researcher
PhD University of Western Australia, School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health

Jo Milios is an Australian Physiotherapist who specialises in Men’s Health, focusing on Prostate Cancer (PCa), Urinary and Erectile Dysfunction, Pelvic Pain, Peyronie’s disease (PD) and Yoga. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) in 1993, the big gap seen in Men’s Health proved pivotal in her decision to specialise from 2005. Recently completing PhD studies at the University of Western Australia , Jo investigated quality of life outcomes in men undergoing surgery for PCa via a large randomised controlled trial aimed at reducing the impact of urinary continence and erectile dysfunction. A second RCT utilising therapeutic ultrasound to treat scar tissue in the 1 in 6 men who develop Peyronie’s disease following treatment for PCa was also completed.

Jo has presented her research findings at several international conferences including WCPT 2015, 2017 and 2019, APCC 2014-18, and locally at Men’s Sheds and ANZUS Conferences 2011-2018. Recent publications include papers in the ANZ Continence Journal with additional papers in review. Jo provides workshops throughout Australia and internationally, lectures at Charles Sturt and Curtin University and in 2012 established, ‘PROST! Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer Inc.’a not-for profit organisation, which provides an exercise and peer support program for ANY man diagnosed with PCa. Finally,  Jo is looking forward to a guest speaker role at the 2019 Australian Physiotherapy Association’s TRANSFORM conference and delivering  the  Australian ‘Bins for Blokes’ awareness campaign at a community level in the coming months.