Sydney Roset, SPT | Candidate for SSIG Director (2021-2022)

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

While I am interested in all areas of physical therapy, a career in pelvic health combines my professional interests with my personal passions of promoting body positivity and female empowerment. When I inform someone of my career goal of becoming a pelvic floor physical therapist, one of the most common responses I get is “Wow, I’ve never even heard of that” generally followed by a discussion of how that individual would have benefited from pelvic floor physical therapy at some point in her life.  I want to serve as an SSIG Director so I can further promote the field of pelvic floor physical therapy not only in my state, but nationally.  One of my professional goals is to increase awareness and accessibility of pelvic floor physical therapy, and I believe serving as a Director for SSIG will be a great place to start.

As a director, I will organize and facilitate more connections and conversations between pelvic floor physical therapists and SPTs, as well as increase awareness of professional opportunities that SPTs have to expand their involvement within the specialty. I would also like to utilize and improve our already existing social media platforms to increase awareness of the specialty.

I am excited about how the Academy is progressing to include male and pediatric pelvic health, and I would love to be a pioneer in making pelvic floor physical therapy more accessible to these populations as well.  The current SSIG Directors have been so creative and flexible this past year by hosting numerous events virtually and expanding the SSIG’s social media presence, and as a Director I would like to use their leadership as an example while finding new ways to progress the organization.


  • BS in Health Sciences, University of Central Arkansas 2019
  • Currently pursuing DPT (graduation: August 2022) and PhD in Physical Therapy at University of Central Arkansas


  • Joe Finnell Physical Therapy Scholarship; Thomas Meadows Memorial Scholarship

Current Extracurricular Activities / Aspirations

  • I am currently a 2nd year DPT student at the University of Central Arkansas. I serve as the class president for the class of 2022. Upon graduating with my DPT in 2022, I will begin practice at a pelvic floor physical therapy clinic while continuing my coursework for my PhD in Physical Therapy.  Once I accomplish the required practice hours, I will sit for the Women’s Health Specialization Certification exam in hopes of achieving specialization in pelvic floor physical therapy.  Upon completion of my PhD, I intend to lead research which will expand the body of evidence related to pelvic floor physical therapy practices.

Professional Awards and Contributions

I am currently the UCA DPT Class of 2022 class president.  I assisted with research titled “Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) Can Alter Cortical Excitability of the Lower Extremity in Healthy Participants: A Review and Methodological Study” from 2016-2018 with Dr. Tyler Floyd.  I studied physical therapy practices in the Bahamas with Dr. Lisa VanHoose and Dr. Margaret McGee in May 2018.

Involvement in the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

  • I have been a member of the Academy of Pelvic Health since September of 2019.

Involvement in the American Physical Therapy Association and/or chapter(s)

  • I have attended CSM 2018, 2020, and 2021 (virtually).
  • I assisted with research and a poster presentation at CSM 2018.
  • I attended ArPTA’s OPTimize in 2019.