Rachel Borland, SPT | Candidate for SSIG Director (2021-2022)

Based in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a commonly underserved area that can be associated with shame or guilt. The SSIG connects students who are interested in the pelvic health field to resources and a professional network. With more students empowered in the field, this could help increase patient accessibility to services (my hometown is in a rural area, and the closest pelvic PT is 1.5 hours away!), as well as eliminate some of the stigma surrounding the conditions.

On my own campus, I love to share my passion for pelvic floor physical therapy with classmates. Our curriculum only includes one 2-hour lecture on pelvic floor dysfunction, so I had to do a lot of independent exploration. My vision for the SSIG is to make it easier for students to discover the field and have their dream of becoming a pelvic health therapist come to fruition.

If elected to serve as one of the SSIG Directors, I would like to continue the excellent work that the current directors have done with social media engagement, informative webinars, and social events. As Marketing Chair of the SRU Pro Bono PT Clinic, I have some experience with utilizing social media to facilitate interest among peers and prospective patients. To expand upon virtual social events, such as “Coffee Chats,” we could include a friendly, jeopardy style trivia night on topics relevant to students or pelvic floor NPTE prep. If elected to the student special interest group, I would love the opportunity to continue existing relationships with guest webinar speakers and to reach out to new speakers. Additionally, I feel so lucky to be participating in a pelvic floor clinical this Fall. I hope the SSIG could give tips on finding a pelvic floor clinical and how to have a great experience.


  • B.S. in Exercise Science at Slippery Rock University, 2nd year student at Slippery Rock University’s Graduate School of Physical Therapy


  • Completed Pelvic Floor 1 course through Herman and Wallace


  • Donald and Claudia Graham Physical Therapy Fellowship (Graduate student in the 3+3 Doctorate of Physical Therapy program who demonstrates a solid commitment to success in the Physical Therapy profession),
  • Ryan F Chandler Memorial Fellowship (Student must demonstrate dedication to the PT profession through an eagerness to help others, and involvement in activities)

Current Extracurricular Activities/Aspirations

  • Marketing Chair of SRU’s Pro Bono Physical Therapy Clinic
  • Neuromuscular Graduate Assistant
  • Part Time Caretaker for a Gentleman with Alzheimer’s
  • I aspire to become a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist

Professional Awards and Contributions

  • Summer Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. George Fulk’s Project on the “Association between Sleep and Outcomes in People with Chronic Stroke across the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health”
  • Student Research Assistant for Dr. Michael Holmstrup on “The Effects of Isometric Handgrip exercise and Arterial Occlusion on the Interarm Systolic Blood Pressure Difference in Young Adults”