Volunteer with the Academy

Programming Committee Member

Type: Remote with possible travel

Travel Required: Some travel may be required for CSM

Paid: No, however if travel is approved you will be reimbursed for travel expenses contingent on the Academy’s board-approved budget


The Programming Committee strives to create high quality educational sessions and select knowledgeable speakers for both national and Academy based conferences for members, non-members, and students.


The committee is led by a Committee Chair and Assistant Chair. The committee is composed of 4-7 additional members who will execute the following:

  1. Support APTA Pelvic Health’s value for high quality conference programming and be committed to providing accessible, cost-effective professional development for APTA Pelvic Health members.
  2. Review, rank and approve submitted session and preconference proposals for educational programming for the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), Fall Symposium and other programs as charged by the Board. 
  3. Adhere to the Board-approved budget and follow parliamentary rules of order for decision-making.

Committee Members

  1. General Duties:
    1. Attend committee meetings
    2. Collaborate with the Board Liaison on programming policies and procedures annually. 
    3. Align programming topics with the Academy’s mission and strategic plan
  2. CSM-Specific Program Duties:
    1. Create conference programming
    2. Recruit pre-conference and keynote speakers
    3. Ensure alignment of course content with the Academy mission, strategic plan, and position statements
    4. As a committee, review and rank submissions for CSM programming according to the established rubrics.
    5. Moderate programming at CSM at the direction of the Chair.
    6. Assist the Research Committee with CSM platform/poster programming as needed.
  3. Other Programming Duties:
    1. Create guidelines and timeline and work with the administrative staff on a call for submissions for Fall conference and other programming
    2. Recruit speakers and solicit session proposals
    3. Select programming using established rubrics 
    4. Create conference programming schedule
    5. Communicate with administrative staff on final program information for distribution

Committee members are allowed to submit proposals for programming during years they are not funded to moderate educational programming at CSM. The member(s) will recuse themselves from scoring their own proposal(s). 

Monthly Committee Meetings: These meetings will occur 1x per month except for the month before CSM where they will be scheduled weekly. 

Appointment: Terms are 3 years, with a maximum of 3 consecutive terms of service on the Committee or as Chair. Terms begin and end at the close of the Annual Business Meeting at CSM. The Assistant Chair may serve up to 3 consecutive terms under the same chair. If the Chair chooses to step down at any point in their term, the Assistant Chair will assume chair duties, and a new Assistant Chair from the current committee will be recommended to the BOD to fill the remainder of the current term of the Assistant Chair. A call for applications to fill open positions will be placed near the end of those terms, and current programming committee members will be given preference in consideration. Committee members may serve 3 consecutive terms of 3 years each.  Any conference reimbursement will be determined by the number of hours volunteered at CSM. Terms may initially be staggered for smooth rotation on and off the committee.