2-Hour Online Course

Male Pelvic Pain

Gerard Greene, MSc ( Manip Physio) , MCSP, MMACP, PG Cert H Ed

Men’s health physiotherapy is seen to be approx. 20 years behind female pelvic health in terms of research, training, mentoring and number of clinicians in this field. Male pelvic pain is a common condition with marked effects on quality of life and patients often go through a torturous path to find a clinician who can help their condition. This online seminar will present the condition of male pelvic pain and the role of physical therapy from a combined pelvic health and musculoskeletal perspective. It will also address the assessment and management of this complex condition and highlight the skill sets that are required and transferable between specialties. It will also highlight other subsets of patients such as those with athletic pelvic pain and also those centrally & sympathetically driven hard flaccid syndrome. As we need more physical therapists involved in male pelvic pain this webinar will also highlight ways of getting started in this specialist field and also how to develop a men’s health area of practice drawing on the experiences of Gerard & Jo.

Format: Self-paced course with voiced-over presentation with multiple-choice quiz and a certificate of completion upon successful passing of the quiz

Course Overview

  • Introduction to Male Pelvic Pain
  • Identifying the patient with Male Pelvic Pain
  • Pelvic Anatomy & Pain Mechanisms
  • Key Assessment Strategies
  • Treatment & Management of Pelvic Pain
  • Does my athletic patient have aspects of pelvic pain?
  • What is Hard Flaccid Syndrome?
  • How do I start to work in Male Pelvic Pain?
  • How to develop a Male Pelvic Pain service
  • Questions & Answers

Course Objectives

  1. Understand how male pelvic pain patients present
  2. Gain an insight into the mechanisms of male pelvic pain
  3. Key components of the assessment of this type of men’s health patient.
  4. Management of persistent pelvic pain syndrome
  5. How to develop a Men’s health Physiotherapy service

Author & Presenter

Gerard Greene, MSc ( Manip Physio) , MCSP, MMACP, PG Cert H Ed

Gerard Greene is a UK based Physiotherapist who combines teaching & research with working in his 3 specialist Pelvic health Physio clinics in Birmingham, UK.  His clinics specialise in Women’s and Men’s health Physiotherapy in addition to children & adolescent bowel & bladder physiotherapy and  musculoskeletal and sports physio. He works with  a team of pelvic health physiotherapists. He was invited to present at WCPT 2017 in Cape Town as part of the 1st Focused Symposium on Men’s health Physiotherapy. He has taught Men’s Health physiotherapy courses for the South African Society Physiotherapy ( 2017) and Japanese Physical Therapy Association ( 2018 ) with Joanne Millios ( APA) .  He also delivered the 1st Practical Men’s Health Course in Japan ( September 2019 ) .  Gerard co-founded the Women’s Health Physiotherapy facebook group and is an administrator on the Men’s health physiotherapy group. He has also worked with Dr Ruth Jones in her UK leading Pelvic health physio clinic. Gerard  is a strong advocate of encouraging Physios to get involved in Women’s and Men’s pelvic Health . He has also developed a strong reputation for organising and delivering Pelvic health Post graduate courses and conferences and works with many leading international tutors.  He also works as an Assistant Professor of  Physiotherapy in Coventry University, UK.