Laurie VanCott, MSPT

Laurie VanCott, MSPT

Laurie chose to pursue a career in physical therapy after working as a yoga teacher in New Zealand and the USA in the early 90’s and seeing the healing benefits of yoga. She had personally seen the  benefits as a teenager with scoliosis and back pain when she was told by the medical doctors there was nothing they could do and started taking yoga classes which helped her in her own healing and recovery. Laurie is dedicated to educating physical therapists in methods to integrate evidence based medicine and complementary medicine using yoga, meditation and mindfulness principles into healing the whole patient.

In 2018 Laurie co-presented at CSM, Staying Present: Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation for Pelvic Health Therapists for the Academy of Pelvic Health Section. The aim of the course was to educate physical therapists on the role yoga and meditation can have with their patients, present the science behind it, and learn methods to prevent burnout and patient fatigue.

Over the past 20 years she has instructed and developed protocols and educational materials for hospitals and community programs on mommy wellness, persistent pain, childbirth, breast cancer, and sports rehabilitation. Many of these have included specific yoga and meditation programs.

Currently she is the clinical coordinator for the Mommy Wellness and Persistent Pain Education programs at her local hospital and teaches classes on yoga during pregnancy and postpartum, sexual healing and scar tissue, bladder health, pelvic floor education and strengthening, neurophysiology of pain, mindfulness and meditation for pain, yoga and movement for the persistent pain patient.

Given her original intention to become a physical therapist and combining yoga, meditation and mindfulness into her practice. Her primary focus has been working with patients with pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy and postpartum, persistent pain, back pain/PGP, and return to sport.

Laurie continues to teach yoga classes and lead retreats in Oregon’s beautiful Columbia Gorge. When not in the clinic or on her yoga mat she enjoys cycling, nordic skiing, paddle boarding, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Speaking Engagements:
Yoga and Meditation for Pelvic Pain (Live Webinar Class)