Kristi Kliebert, MPT, DPT, CYT, PYT | Candidate for Director of Communications (2022-2025)

Based in Bradenton, FL.

Serving for the Academy as a volunteer has been an incredibly fulfilling role on both a professional and personal level. The experience of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period created a perspective shift in my Physical Therapy practice. It stirred a desire to help guide others through their pelvic and/or abdominal health journey. Although change is slow, I see a shift happening in which PTs will become primary providers for individuals who are pregnant, maneuvering through the postpartum period and those with pelvic and/or abdominal disorders.

Although currently underutilized, we have the tools to advocate for better care and empower our unique population.

If elected as Director of Communications, my intention would be to collaborate with the Board, the APTA and our various committees to support the current initiatives of the Academy, as well as develop future goals and tasks to be attained to further the care of our patients with pelvic and/or abdominal conditions. These include a focus on provider driven activities, such as updating clinical brochures and developing media campaigns that promote awareness of our distinct skills and abilities directed to not only our own profession, but other disciplines as well. In addition, developing opportunities to educate potential clients regarding our role in their care has yet to be explored and is very much needed to advance our role as health care providers in this niche.

The Academy has a unique role that goes beyond education and clinical care. Collaborating with Academy volunteers to create opportunities to advocate for pelvic and/or abdominal health care is crucial for the success of the individuals we treat. Current issues such as health disparities between populations and lack of coordination of care after cancer, gender affirming procedures and pregnancy require cooperation among therapists to facilitate change. The Academy offers a platform to initiate and continue action for these and other issues experienced by our patients. If elected Director of Communications, I would be honored to further the Academy’s mission of promoting abdominal and pelvic health in a holistic and innovative way to facilitate more awareness about our amazing profession.


  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy-University of Kansas, 2010
  • Master’s of Physical Therapy-Rockhurst University, 2006
  • Bachelor’s of Arts in French-University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2000


  • Certificate of Achievement in Obstetric Physical Therapy (CAPP-OB)
  • LSVT Big
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher
  • Road Runner’s Club of America Certified
  • Running Coach

Current Practice

  • I work in a hospital-base outpatient clinic treating a variety of patient populations including women who
    are pregnant or postpartum and/or present with pelvic floor dysfunction and individuals with orthopedic,
    vestibular, oncological and neurological disorders.

Industry Involvement & Accomplishments

  • 2020 APTA Pelvic Health Volunteer of the Year
    • Contributed to updating the High-Risk Pregnancy home study module. Updated pelvic health patient education handouts. Wrote a blog for the Academy of Pelvic Health.
  • Current PPSIG Director. Lead CAPP-OB Case Reviewer. Southeast Regional Representative for the
    Academy of Pelvic Health Membership Committee.