Kimberly Seymour, PT, DPT | Candidate for PPSIG Director (2022-2024)

Based in San Diego, California.

My personal vision is to improve maternal health outcomes for all women of all races, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. I have two daughters and I hope that at the latest, by the time they have children, the maternal death rate in this country will no longer be the highest of any industrialized nation and that black women will no longer be three to four times more likely to die in child labor. I believe physical therapy needs to be part of standard maternal care both during pregnancy and postpartum, just as the six week check up is considered standard. I hope to continue with the momentum we have created as a PPSIG board to foster partnerships with other organizations and health professionals involved in maternal care to improve outcomes and also broaden other providers’ awareness of PT’s role in maternal care. I also feel that as a PPSIG board we need to continue to create educational content for the public regarding normal versus common symptoms during and after pregnancy so that all women can be empowered with evidence based information to make informed decisions regarding their care. Additionally the PPSIG can continue to capitalize on the intellectual capital that is present in the organization to help educate fellow PTs to provide the best evidence based care for their patients in a manner that is clinically applicable. Along these lines, I think the PPSIG can take a larger advocacy and research role in the pregnancy and postpartum care space. Thank you for the nomination!


  • B.S. UC Berkeley
  • D.P.T. Pacific University


  • Certificate of Achievement in Obstetric Physical Therapy
  • Certified Running Coach

Current Practice

  • I work in pregnancy and postpartum, orthopedic and pelvic health

Industry Involvement & Accomplishments

  • I helped create pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy marketing and patient education handouts
  • I was a past PPSIG Director 2018-2021
  • I hold an active membership in the California Physical Therapy Association