Kim Parker-Guerrero, PT, DPT | Candidate for Delegate (2022-2025)

Based in Roswell, New Mexico.

My personal vision as a Delegate for the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (APTA Pelvic Health) is to represent our members, along with the APHPT Chief Delegate and Alternate, as we finally have a VOTING seat at the table during APTA’s House of Delegates.

As a member of the House of Delegates (HOD) representing New Mexico for several years, I always thought it was a travesty that the Sections and Academies only had a non-voting representative to the HOD and that these members were placed at the back of the room. This is why I was so excited when Academies and Sections won the right to vote to be able to  really represent their members.

I am honored to be appointed to represent APTA Pelvic Health at this year’s 2021 HOD and have been working along with our delegation to prepare. I’ve also been participating on Zoom calls with the New Mexico delegation to help some of their newer delegates understand the HOD process and prepare for the upcoming meeting in September. I feel that my experience in the House, my work with different leaders, states, and caucuses both prior and during the HODs, and my leadership skills gained by my roles in NMAPTA and APTA Pelvic Health provide the APTA Pelvic Health with a strong leader to represent them in our delegation.


  • A.T. Still University – tDPT – 2015
  • UTMB- Galveston B.S. Physical Therapy, 1981
  • Texas A&M University, Pre-med –  1976-1979

Current Practice

  • Director of Rehab Services – Eastern New Mexico Medical Center
  • OP PT – pelvic health therapy for women, men, children

Awards and Accomplishments

  • APTA Pelvic Health 2021 President’s Award as member of the Finance Committee
  • NMAPTA -Physical Therapist of the Year  – 2005, 2018
  • Eastern New Mexico Medical Center Clinical Director of the Year – 2015
  • ENMMC GENESIS “Excellence” CEO Award –  2003
  • Women’s “Colorado Young Career Woman” finalist for SE Region –1993
  • Presentations:
    • NMAPTA Insurance Forum – 2015, 2017
    • NMAPTA Fall 2011 Conference Speaker – “Reimbursement and Documentation”
    • NMAPTA Spring 2010 Conference Speaker – “Coding, Compliance, and Billing”
    • University of New Mexico Physical Therapy Program – Inaugural Speaker for entry-level Doctor of PT –09/09
    • University of New Mexico Physical Therapy Program – Commencement Speaker –  05/09
Involvement at the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy
  • APHPT Director of Practice – 2019-2022
  • APHPT Finance Committee – 2019-2021
  • Delegate to APTA House of Delegates – 2021
  • SOWH NM State Representative
  • CSM Volunteer

Involvement at the American Physical Therapy Association and chapter(s)

  • New Mexico Physical Therapy Association (NMAPTA) – 1996-current
  • NMAPTA Payment/Policy Chair – 2005-current
  • NMAPTA FAL – current
  • NMAPTA President – 2005-2009
  • NMAPTA Legislative Chair – 2003-2005.
  • NMAPTA Liaison to New Mexico Physical Therapy Licensing Board – 2009-2012
  • NMAPTA Key Contact – District 2 – current
  • Member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) – 1979-present
    • Member of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy
    • Member of the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy
    • Member of Health Policy and Administration
    • Member of the Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy