Kianna Stiffler, SPT | Candidate for SSIG Director (2021-2022)

Based in Ithaca, New York.

While I’ve loved Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for years now, I just recently discovered the APTA Pelvic Health SSIG (within the last year). I can not tell you how incredible it’s been to join together with a group of students just as interested in this field as I am, especially since as a student it’s personally been difficult to find others in my program interested in the same specialty. I’ve had so many questions answered through the incredible events the SSIG has put on thus far, and I want to be a small part of giving others the same experience I’ve been lucky to have thanks to the SSIG this past year. While being a member is great, I would love to give back to this SSIG what it has given to me and help the SSIG in a bigger way, outside of my own self interest.

I think the SSIG is heading down an inspirational road of growth. The SSIG is getting more well known by the day and social media plays a huge roll in that. I am particularly interested in continuing to grow the SSIG through creating events, interacting with other SIGs within the Academy and social media promotion. With my extremely hard work ethic, listening skills, and organization habits, I believe I can plan incredible events throughout the year, taking into account what exactly our student members want to see. While the pandemic has made making physical connections difficult, I’d love to continue to create ways we can virtually or physically bond with one another, thus creating connections with other incredible students in this organization regardless of location!


  • B.S. in Clinical Health Studies Ithaca College 2020
  • Anticipated Doctorate of Physical Therapy Ithaca College 2022


  • NY Physical Therapy Association Student Special Interest Group Combined Sections Meeting Scholarship 2021
  • APTA Student Pelvic Health Scholarship 2021

Current Extracurricular Activities / Aspirations

I am aspiring to be a future pelvic health physical therapist, while currently receiving a well-rounded education for my future patients. Currently, I’m involved as a Peer Mentor within my school’s PT program, serving as a mentor to younger students with questions about PT school. Pre-COVID, I also worked as a PT Department Office Assistant, assisting faculty with tasks to keep our program organized. I currently work as a TA for both “Introduction to Healthcare Systems” and “Teaching & Learning in a Clinical Setting” classes at my school. I also work as a Peer Success Coach with my school’s Academic Advising Center, allowing students to reach their highest potential in college by helping them learn time management skills, organizational skills, & accountability. I aspire to spread the word about what Pelvic Health PT is, and make it more accessible and available for future patients of mine.

Involvement in the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

I’ve been a member & avid social media follower of the Pelvic Health SSIG for the past year, attending numerous presentations, the residency fair, and more.

Involvement in the American Physical Therapy Association and/or chapter(s)

I’ve attended numerous events through the NYPTA SSIG, as well as APTA Pelvic Health SSIG. I also just attended my first Pelvic Health Level I course, furthering my love for pelvic floor PT.