Keddy Rwara, SPT | Candidate for SSIG Director (2021-2022)

Based in Durham, North Carolina.

My personal vision involves me becoming a renowned pelvic health PT in her community who has a place in leadership, mentorship, and volunteerism. My commitment in seeing the growth of this profession has led me to apply for this position in hopes that it will expose me to more resources and connections that will allow for me to give back. As a double minority student, seldom do I see those who look like me have a seat at the table. It is my goal to change this by becoming more involved with the APTA and the academy in order to help bridge the gap for prospective students.

I have learned so much by attending the previous events held by the SIG and as one of the SIG leaders, I anticipate bringing more innovative ideas to the team that will expand the SIG. As more people are understanding the importance and uniqueness of Pelvic Health, I believe we will begin to see an increase in student members and community engagement. I would like to be a leader who is not only authentic, but transparent in her journey as a SPT who is interested in this section of PT. I believe that I can contribute to the SIG by bringing an energetic and positive atmosphere. I am hardworking and willing to be of any help to not only the academy but to the students who are part of this SIG. I am very excited about serving and becoming part of a community in which we share similar goals and interests.


  • Duke University Doctor of Physical Therapy- 2022
  • University of Delaware BS Exercise science – 2019


  • Upon matriculating, Duke DPT provided me with a merit based scholarship.

Current Extracurricular Activities / Aspirations

  • I am a 2nd year student with aspirations of becoming a pelvic health therapist. I am currently signed up to take the Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1 course that will help prepare me to go to my long term clinical in the pelvic health setting. As a future clinician, my current interests lie in the equity, literacy, and advocacy needed to fix the maternal death rates among womxn in the U.S. It is my goal to help change the experience pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that womxn face in the U.S.

Professional Awards and Contributions

  • Co-author of a research paper titled “Effects of incorporating ergonomics with physical therapy to improve patient outcomes: a case study”. I was able to present this research at the National Medical Association conference and Seventh Regional Undergraduate Research conference at Lincoln University in which I won first place.

Involvement in the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

  • My previous involvement in the academy includes participating in the events that have been hosted by the SIG team and the journal club webinars. Although my involvement has been few, i have learned so much, and those experiences are what encouraged me to apply for this position.