Jessica Edwards, SPT | Candidate for SSIG Director (2021-2022)

Based in Columbus, Ohio.

As a future physical therapist, my goal is to empower my patients to live their happiest and healthiest lives through movement. My passions for movement psychologically informed care, and sexual health push me to learn more and seek experiences that will help me guide my patients towards health and recovery. As a SSIG director, I will be a resource to other students interested in pelvic health, whether they are just curious to learn more or seriously considering a career in pelvic health physical therapy. I know that pelvic health can seem daunting and somewhat intimidating to students who have never considered practicing in this area, yet every one of us will encounter a patient with pelvic floor dysfunction at some point in our careers. Not every physical therapist needs to have a passion for pelvic health, but every physical therapist should recognize what they can do to help a patient with these impairments, including when to refer to a pelvic floor physical therapist.

My goal as a SSIG director is to increase awareness of the intersections between pelvic health and other specializations such as orthopedics, neuro, and geriatrics, so students can enter their clinical experiences and careers unafraid of encountering patients with pelvic floor symptoms. Throughout the next year, I see the SSIG as a platform that addresses the unique needs of students interested in pelvic health and as an avenue for students to connect and physical therapists who have established themselves in the field. In the future, I hope that SSIG membership grows, spreading messages of inclusion and empowerment, to students passionate about pelvic health, students who want to learn more, and all of those in between.


  • B.A. in Exercise Science Baldwin Wallace University 2019
  • The Ohio State University DPT 2022

Current Extracurricular Activities / Aspirations

  • I am a second-year DPT student at The Ohio State University. Plans on pursuing a career in pelvic health physical therapy.
  • Additional clinical interests include orthopedics, psychologically informed care, and vestibular therapy.

Involvement in the American Physical Therapy Association and/or chapters

  • Attended APTA National Student Conclave, 2019