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Intimate Rose


Intimate Rose is committed to helping women overcome sensitive health issues and feel their best.

Intimate Rose is known for their best-selling bladder-control and pelvic care products such as the recent Mom’s Choice Award winner, Kegel Exercise System, and the most trusted brand of silicone dilators available on the market. The 8 gradual sizes of dilators with BPA Free, nonstick, medical grade silicone are perfect for women struggling with vaginismus, pain during sex or vaginal exams, vulvodynia, vaginal stenosis, menopause, or affirming their gender.

The Intimate Rose kegel weights, covered in smooth body-safe silicone, have provided women with the confidence to play with their children, run marathons, and enjoy laughter filled retirement without embarrassing bladder leakage or pelvic prolapse issues. Both the Intimate Rose dilators and weights are trusted by The American Physical Therapy Association and used in their training courses.

Intimate Rose has sponsored the 2020 Research Grant offered through the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. We value their support for research in the physical therapy field. Learn more about their support and the research grant.