Volunteer with the Academy

Governance Committee Member (1)

Type: Remote

Time Commitment: Varies

Travel Required: No

Paid: No

Please include a description of your expertise areas in the comments.

The Governance Committee shall assist the Board by:

  • keeping the Board informed of current best governance practices and trends in corporate governance;
  • advising the Board on the skills and experience that should be required of potential board members;
  • developing and recommending to the Board a set of Governance Guidelines;
  • developing standards by which the Board can annually review its own performance;
  • undertaking such duties as may be delegated to it by the Board from time to time
  • improving the Academy Board members’ knowledge of association governance resulting in building the association’s leadership capabilities which will benefit the Academy and its members.

The duties and responsibilities of the Governance Committee shall be to:

  1. Recommend, and review on an annual basis, APHPT’s mission statement expressing the purpose and goals of APHPT;
  2. Recommend, and review on an annual basis, performance measurements by which the performance of APHPT and the achievement of its goals articulated in its mission statement may be evaluated;
  3. Coordinate and oversee the annual self-evaluation of the role and performance of the Board, its committees, and senior management in the governance of APHPT;
  4. Examine ethical and conflict of interest issues and recommend to the Board, policies to promote honest and ethical conduct by Members, officers and employees of APHPT;
  5. Develop and recommend to the Board, oversee the implementation and effectiveness of, and recommend modifications as appropriate to any policies or documents relating to the governance of APHPT, including APHPT’s Bylaws and Policies & Procedures;
  6. Consider corporate governance issues that arise from time to time and develop appropriate recommendations for the Board regarding such matters;
  7. Review APHPT’s codes of conduct and any other written policies of APHPT regarding ethical conduct and conflicts of interest applicable to members, officers and employees of APHPT and as necessary, recommend any changes thereto;
  8. Review and make recommendations to the Board regarding potential conflicts of interest of individual members of the Board;
  9. Make recommendations on the structure of Board meetings and the skills and experience that should be required of potential board members;
  10. Review, and as necessary recommend to the Board any revisions to APHPT’s Board of Directors structure;
  11. Review and assess this Charter annually


  • You must be a current Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy member.
  • You must be able to meet virtually with the committee year-round.
  • Experience with policy making and governance processes preferred.
  • Each Member of the Committee shall possess the necessary skills to understand the duties and functions of
    the Committee.

Term Limit: 3-year term, opportunity 

Travel: None, all committee work is conducted virtually.