Emily Lynn, SPT | Candidate for SSIG Director (2021-2022)

Based in Wyncote, Pennsylvania.

As a doctoral candidate for physical therapy and an advocate for equity and inclusivity, I am immensely passionate about accessible pelvic health care for every body. Pelvic floor dysfunction does not discriminate by sex or gender identity, and therefore neither should the pelvic health care we provide. I believe the societal environment for accessing pelvic health care has made significant strides towards inclusivity in recent years, however there is still work to be done. As part of the Academy SSIG I hope to initiate more conversations about using  non-binary language in marketing, education, and research within the field of pelvic health. I believe it is important to normalize and practice the use of such language not only in the the professional sphere but in every facet or our lives as physical therapists because we serve as advocates for the patient we treat through all of our words and actions, not just during the work day. The Pelvic Health SSIG has grown tremendously this past year with a growing social media presence and innovative ways to reach the physical therapy student community. I hope to be a part of continuing to foster innovation within the SSIG to engage students in new ways, and to support individuals who have interest in pursuing a career in the pelvic health specialty of physical therapy.


  • B.S in Exercise Science from The College at Brockport (SUNY) 2019;
  • SPT at Arcadia University anticipated graduation January 2022


  • Certified Exercise Physiologist through ACSM 2019;
  • Certified instructor for American Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED since 2018;
  • Certified group fitness instructor for PiYo, TRX, and Pilates;
  • Completed the Pelvic Floor Level 1 course through Herman & Wallace 2021


  • Merit scholarship through Arcadia University for the duration of my DPT program

Current Extracurricular Activities / Aspirations

I aspire to work as a pelvic floor physical therapist providing care for individuals who struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction, specifically related to sexual trauma. I am in my last few weeks of didactic learning at Arcadia University and will be working at a clinical rotation for the upcoming 6 months in an outpatient pelvic health rotation.

Professional Awards and Contributions

I am currently involved with Arcadia University’s newly founded pro-bono clinic as a student clinician as well as working as a graduate assistant assisting with lab and communications technology. I recently completed my pelvic floor 1 course through Herman & Wallace outside of my DPT curriculum in preparation for my upcoming clinical experience. I am active on the social media circuits of student physical therapists pursuing pelvic health as well as the communities promoting inclusivity of care for all bodies within the field of pelvic health. I attended many of the lectures through the Academy of Pelvic Health during 2021’s CSM conference, and hope to continue networking and contributing to the academy as I complete my final year as a student and enter the physical therapy profession.

Involvement at the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

  • Attended Academy events at APTA CSM 2021

Involvement at the American Physical Therapy Association and/or chapter(s)

  • Attended  APTA CSM 2021