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We want you to Live Life Leak Free.®

ELITONE is clinically proven technology designed to improve the health of your pelvic floor in a life-changing way. Activities that have become taboo because of leaking are suddenly back on the table – and the dance floor, and the hiking trail, and the gym…

Manufactured by Elidah.

Elidah is a woman-owned medical device company based in Connecticut, USA. Since 2014, Elidah has been developing innovative treatments for a variety of female pelvic floor disorders. Elidah’s team works closely with medical professionals across the USA to deliver clinically effective solutions that help improve women’s lives.

With ELITONE, we’re proud to offer a safe, effective, wearable treatment that we’ve given to our own moms, and used ourselves.

Healthy pelvic floor muscles are needed to maintain control over bladder leaks. These muscles need to be regularly exercised just like any other muscle.  ELITONE sends a small therapeutic current to safely and comfortably exercise your pelvic floor muscles.  As you feel your pelvic floor slowly contract and relax you can be confident that you’re on your way to fewer leaks.


Non-Invasive – ELITONE is the only non-invasive treatment for stress incontinence that is available over-the-counter.  Most alternatives require insertion of a vaginal probe.

Comfortable – Designed so you can forget you’re wearing it. The mild gels, flexible materials and contoured shape of the GelPad work together with a specialized signal to comfortably exercise this sensitive area.

Convenient – Use ELITONE at home and while you do other activities. No need to find a private place or to visit a clinic every week.

Easy to Use – Simple setup, simple controls.  Turn it on and it turns off automatically when done. No special training is required.

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