1-Hour Online Lesson

Can Pleasure Lessen Vulvar Pain?

Dee Hartman, PT, DPT and Elizabeth Wood, Sex Educator

Three out of four women report having had pain with sex at some point in their lives. Research reports as many as 16% of women experience chronic vulvar pain; a pain impacts their lives, their sexual relationships, and their self-esteem. As women’s health PT’s, we readily assess and treat women impacted by chronic vulvar pain. Statistically, however, these women never reach the sexual frequency of their age matched peers even after successful PT treatment. How can we change that? How can we help our patients have satisfying and pleasurable sex lives similar to that of their friends? This talk is will introduce you to pleasure prescriptions suitable for your pain patients. Think of it this way—We want you to monitor women’s sexual health and wellness just as you would monitor women’s cardiac health and wellness. For us, it all begins with pleasure. Originally aired at the 2020 Fall Symposium (Sept 12, 2020)

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