Allison Triola, SPT | Candidate for SSIG Director (2021-2022)

Based in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

I am passionate about growing the field of pelvic health and believe that many students do not have access to learn about or enter the field of pelvic health. At my DPT program, I have sought to bring awareness of pelvic health to my fellow students by organizing a question and answer panel with a local pelvic health therapist. I was so excited by how many of my classmates (and students in other programs like OT, NP) were interested in what they heard and sought out shadowing opportunities to learn more. I would like to help the Academy bring more students into pelvic health and bring an awareness of the scope of practice for students so that even if they do not want to practice in pelvic health, they are able to help patients access these services. I would like to continue the work of the current SSIG directors, who have done an awesome job of organizing events to help students learn more. I would like to expand by helping students gain access to shadowing and clinical opportunities in pelvic health. I am vision-driven, passionate, and hard-working and would love the opportunity to bring pelvic health education to more PT students.


  • Boston University, BS Health Sciences 2016
  • MGH Institute of Health Professions, DPT Candidate January 2022


  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 hr)

Current Extracurricular Activities

  • I am hoping to gain experience in pelvic health through my last clinical experience and then pursue a residency in pelvic health. I am interested in the intersection of neuro and pelvic health and hope to pursue this further in my future career.

Professional Awards and Contributions

  • Acute care platform presentation CSM 2021
  • Poster presentation APTA Massachusetts Regional Conference 2021
  • Co-authored manuscript published March 2021 in PTJ regarding research completed on PT practice patterns for patients with COVID-19

Involvement in the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

  • Member of the Student SIG

Involvement in the American Physical Therapy Association and/or chapter(s)

  • APTA Ambassador