About Us

Who We Are

The Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (formerly Section on Women’s Health) is a 501 (c) (6) non-profit professional association of more than 3,500 physical therapists (PTs), physical therapist assistants (PTAs) and student physical therapists (SPTs). Members provide the latest evidence-based physical therapy services to everyone from childbearing women to peri-menopausal mothers, young athletes to men with incontinence or other pelvic health complications.

We host nationwide education courses, certifications and Clinical Practice Guidelines to our members and patients. Additionally, we offer resources like a PT Locator directory, lab training in pelvic and abdominal health physical therapy, career tools, networking opportunities and access to the Journal on Women’s Health Physical Therapy with membership.


As a global authority in abdominal and pelvic health, we transform society by empowering professionals and people everywhere.


Our mission is to advance global excellence in abdominal and pelvic health through evidence-based practice, innovative education, research and social responsibility.

Our Pillars

Education Pillar
Goal: Deliver best-in-class education to support member-focused development, growth, and knowledge

  • Provide multi-level, multi-channel domestic and international education that is excellent, relevant and diverse.
  • Expand domestic and international certification to strengthen the overall excellence of our professional community.

Community Pillar
Goal: Provide the leading platform and network for professionals committed to advancing excellence in pelvic and abdominal physical therapy

  • Build and strengthen influence and relevance through exceptional content development, acquisition, and distribution created by and for our members and customers
  • Acquire and retain new members and customers
  • Establish and maintain a sought-after brand through a compelling value proposition and supporting marketing communications.

Research & Knowledge Pillar

Goal: We are a continual, effective source of information, data, and research on and for the profession

  • Timely, relevant research is developed, curated, and disseminated through JWHPT in a variety of formats

Operational Excellence Pillar

Goal: Our management partnership, operations and resources (talent, time, and funds) are fully optimized to support the organization’s goals, objectives, vision, and mission

  • Identify, prioritize, align and evaluate effective-ness of our association management company’s resources, services and benefits and map to show progress against our goals, objectives and KPIs
  • Solidify structure, practices and performance of a strategic board
  • Increase partnership opportunities and revenue streams to fund new and existing programs and initiatives.
  • Provide a comprehensive communications platform to deliver, share, and evaluate the effectiveness of the features and benefits of our products, tools, services, opportunities, and community for members and stakeholders.