Regional & State Representatives

A State/U.S. Territory Representative serves as a local volunteer contact for the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy members in their state to communicate information regarding member and state affairs. The State Representative is often a highly active member who attends the Academy events and APTA conferences.

If you are interested in joining a study group in your state or want to ask a state-specific question, please click the envelope button of your state rep to send them an email. If you have technical or membership login issues, please contact our office staff.

All state representatives report to the Academy’s Regional Representatives who report to the Academy’s Membership Committee Chair, Ashley Watts.

Karen Weeks

Chicago, IL

Membership Committee Chair
AUG 2020-2023

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For State & Regional Representatives

State and regional representatives report to the Membership Committee of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. State representatives are dedicated to promoting membership and community and are involved in a wide selection of member-oriented activities to increase professional engagement in our industry. If you are a new state representative, remember to contact your regional representative and membership committee chair for guidance. Enclosed, you will find a list of common resources you will use during your term.

Interested in becoming a state representative? Check out our new opportunities.

State Rep Toolkit

  • Regional Facebook Groups (Public) – Make sure to join your regional Facebook Group. These groups are open to the public (PTs, PTAs, SPTs).
  • State Representatives Facebook Group (Private) – Connect with fellow state representatives through this private group managed by the Academy.
  • Slack (Private) – All volunteer communication is conducted via Slack. If you are a new state representative, make sure to accept your Slack invitation to gain access to the Membership Committee Slack channel.
  • Monthly Zoom Meetings (Private) – If you are a new state representative, make sure to check your inbox for monthly meeting invitations from the Membership Committee. If you have not been invited, please contact your Membership Committee Chair, Karen Weeks.
  • Help – f you have trouble accessing any of the above links, please contact our office at or your Membership Committee Chair, Karen Weeks.