Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Group (SIG) is a sub-community within the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge or learning where members can connect, collaborate and help develop solutions within their particular topic area or produce new educational resources and networking opportunities. The Academy currently has 3 established SIGs. Each SIG consists of Board of Directors who each meet virtually year-round to facilitate discussions, problem-solve and develop new resources to members.

Find Your SIG

Student Special Interest Group (SSIG)

The SSIG provides a forum to connect physical therapy students from across the nation on issues and topics relevant to you as a student or an rising early-professional. Need advice on applying to a residency program or need tips on how to pay off your student loans? The SSIG is here to help guide you and direct you to helpful resources!

Early-Professional Special Interest Group (EPSIG)

The EPSIG provides a forum to connect early-career PTs and PTAs  (0-5 years of practice) from a variety of clinical disciplines that promotes networking and cross-leveling of information. 

Pregnancy & Postpartum Special Interest Group (PPSIG)

The PPSIG provides a forum to connect PTs, PTAs and SPTs from a variety of clinical disciplines that promotes networking and cross-leveling of information about musculoskeletal evaluation, treatment, and wellness during and after pregnancy.

SSIG Board of Directors

Claire Hamnett

SSIG Director

Columbia University

Sarah Deacon

SSIG Director

University of Connecticut

Kristie Serrano

SSIG Director

Florida Intl University

Morgan B. Horne

SSIG Director


SSIG Elections Cycle
Elections for the 4 SSIG Board positions occur annually each summer for the newly elected to take office by June 1st. 
Nominations: Feb 1-June 15
Elections: July 1-31

EPSIG Board of Directors

Julia Rosenthal

Julia Rosenthal

EPSIG Director

New York, NY

Julie R. Jenner

EPSIG Director

Denver, CO

Caitlyn Rumsey

EPSIG Director

Cocoa, FL

Ariana Jones

EPSIG Director

Chicago, IL

EPSIG Elections Cycle
2 Directors will be elected every 2 years. 
Nominations: Feb 1-June 15
Elections: July 1-31

PPSIG Board of Directors

Tracy Thomas

PPSIG Director

Tallahassee, FL

Kimberly Seymour

PPSIG Director

Portland, OR

Lisa M. Sator

PPSIG Director

Philadelphia, PA

Stacey M. Head

PPSIG Director

Apex, NC

PPSIG Elections Cycle
2 Directors will be elected every 2 years. 
Elections: Oct 1-31, Every odd year
Take Office: CSM every even year
2020: No elections

Run for SIG Office

With busy lives, it can be tricky to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you and your professional community! Volunteering can help you network, find friends, and learn new skills! You must be an active Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy member to run in the elections. Please visit our Elections page for details, eligibility requirements and more! If you have any questions about Nominations and Elections, please contact our Nominating Committee at nomcomm@aptapelvichealth.org.

Facebook Groups

The Academy manages three Official Facebook groups open to members and non-members. On a daily, weekly or monthly basis, members post in each of the group about the latest research, help topics and other areas of interest. Academy members are based all over the United States and other countries.

Join the Conversation!

The Academy’s official online community, Social Link, includes dedicated “groups” where you can directly connect with fellow SIG members. All Academy members can easily access the Social Link by logging into their member accounts and selecting Social Link from their Quick Links menu. Trouble with login? Contact our office at hello@aptapelvichealth.org for assistance.