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Meet the SSIG Members!

Welcome to the 7th ‘Meet the SSIG Members!’ The Student Special Interest Group is made up of student PTs and student PTAs from across the country – and we want to highlight them and their passion for the profession! ‘Meet the SSIG Members’ has the purpose of connecting students interested in pelvic and women’s health by introducing them to one another and our community through the APTA Pelvic Health Student Special Interest Group. We would like this engagement to promote personal development, networking, and friendship opportunities.

Name/Year in School/Program Name:

Erin Root/Third year/University of North Georgia Physical Therapy

Why are you interested in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy?

My interest in pelvic health began when I had a close family member who needed to see a pelvic health PT. Because of this, I decided to take my program’s pelvic health elective and request a pelvic health rotation. After experiencing two pelvic health rotations, I am confident that this is something I was called to do.

What are you most excited for your upcoming Pelvic Health Clinical Rotation OR what did you love most about your Pelvic Health Clinical Rotation?

The two pelvic health rotations I have had were drastically different from each other in their treatment methods. I feel lucky to have been exposed to two different approaches and the opportunity to carry that knowledge forward. However, my favorite thing about these rotations was the ability to treat, educate, and connect with men and women in a way that left them feeling empowered to participate in their own healing journey.

Why do you believe it is important to be an active member of the SSIG and/or what have you gotten out of being a member of the SSIG?

After discovering and joining the SSIG in 2021, I have consistently used the resources made available to members. This group has also enlightened me to how many other students in my home state are pursuing this field. It is a place to grow as future clinicians and build a strong network of peers.

Any advice you might like to share for students looking to get involved in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy?

  1. Start perusing the web recordings discussing pelvic health topics provided by the SSIG, and follow pelvic health PTs on social media.
  2. Find a pelvic PT to shadow.
  3. Sign up for APTA Pelvic Health Level I.

What do you love to do outside of PT school?

I enjoy backpacking, hiking, and paddle boarding with my husband and dog. You can usually find me on a mountain trail any given weekend!

APTA Pelvic Health Student SIG 

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