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Meet Sara Rattigan PT, MHA

Hello, Academy of Pelvic Health members! I’m so excited to be the recipient of the Kimberly Seymour Scholarship Award for 2022. Though I only met Kim once, she made a big impact on my PT trajectory. During school, I volunteered as her medical model for the Academy’s PH1 lab, because she was pregnant at the time with her second child. 

I was inspired by her passion for pelvic health and the work she was doing in the field. I also remember how fondly she spoke about her place of work, Whole Body Health PT in Portland, Oregon. After graduation, I formed a connection with WBHPT, and I now work there! Kim played a meaningful role in my PT journey and in the lives of so many others. I’m very grateful to receive this scholarship in her honor.
A little about me – I graduated from Pacific University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Healthcare Administration programs in 2021 and currently specialize in pelvic health, pregnancy, and postpartum. My guiding light as a clinician is to be an advocate for others, and I’m thrilled by the work of the APTA’s Pelvic Health chapter in amplifying the voices of women and transgender individuals through research and education.
I look forward to teaming up with other providers (doctors, nurses, midwives, doulas) to create comprehensive plans for healthy pregnancy, safe labor, and postpartum. I also hope to play a role in expanding PT school curricula to include more guidance on bowel, bladder, and sexual health, as well as how to care for pregnant and postpartum populations. It’s exciting to see that PT roles are growing wider in scope, and I’m pleased at the many opportunities to provide holistic care for patients throughout all phases of life.

2022 Kimberly Seymour Scholarship Award Recipient

APTA Pelvic Health 

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