March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Join us in IDEA Bingo to increase representation of all populations who benefit from pelvic health therapy!

In an effort to increase representation in the Academy of Pelvic Health, the IDEA Committee is hosting a photo Bingo event to promote inclusion of diverse populations in our continuing education programs. Join this event during Endometriosis Awareness Month by playing IDEA Bingo! Please submit your photo for use in our educational programs and content. Each category represented in your photo will automatically enter you into a drawing for a complimentary webinar or continuing education course of your choice! If your photo makes BINGO by representing 4 categories in a row, then you get 2 extra entries! The next winner can be a PT, PTA, or SPT!

Submissions should include high-quality photos and represent at least one category in IDEA Bingo. Examples include: a therapist of color treating a person with a diverse body type, a person who identifies as transgender performing functional ADLs, People of varying ethnic backgrounds performing PT exercises, physical activity, or candid shots.

Individuals in your submission must fill out the Academy’s Media Release Form for the image to be eligible. Please send all entries via the Media Release Form. We look forward to you joining us on IDEA Bingo!

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