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Thank you, JWHPT Reviewers!

Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Thank you, JWHPT Reviewers!

The JWHPT editorial team wished to express our deep gratitude to our reviewers. Reviewers’ expertise and dedication are the foundation of peer review. We are especially grateful for your assistance over these last 2 challenging years. THANK YOU!

Manuscript Reviewers:    

Meryl Alappattu
Stacie Bertram
Mark Bishop
Jill Boissonnault
Christine Cabelka
Darla Cathcat
Jing Chen
Shefali Christopher
Susan Clinton
Nancy Donovan
Patricia Downey
Sinead Dufour
Carol Figuers
Sinead Fitzgibbon
Stefanie Foster
Stephanie Fournier
Sarah Glesmann
Erin Hartigan
Joy Hyunjeong Jang
Pamela Kays
Lynnea Kraft
Jennifer LaCross
Richa Mahajan
Ruth Maher
Adrienne McAuley
H. George Philippi Jr
Tamara Roehling
Julia Rosenthal
Francesca Ruddick
Sheryl Sanders
Darija Scepanovic
Adrienne Sidmonds
Jennifer Stone
Jennifer Thornton-Jones
Lydia Thurston
Samatha Todd
Lori Tuttle
Audra Zastrow

Book Reviewers:

Whitney Bartley
Susan C. Clinton
Rachel Hohman
Christina Machaby
Jennifer Miller
Lori Mize
Amanda Olson
Rebecca Stephenson

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] Heighten your expertise

] Stay up-to-date with the latest developments

] Gain insights to improve patient care

] Build your research network

] Show your commitment to scholarship

] Share your knowledge and experience

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