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Movement Impairments in Women with and without Urinary Urgency/Frequency

Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Movement Impairments in Women with and without Urinary Urgency/Frequency

Erbes, Nicole A. PT, DPT; Foster, Stefanie Nicole PT; Harris-Hayes, Marcie PT, DPT; Spitznagle, Theresa M. PT, DPT

It is standard practice to assess the function of the pelvic floor muscles when evaluating patients with urinary urgency and frequency. But should we be looking beyond the pelvic floor muscles at movements and postures of the spine, hip, and pelvis? 

The purpose of a recent published study was to prospectively assess the relationship between musculoskeletal impairments and urgency and frequency predominant lower urinary tract symptoms (UFLUTS) using a systematic examination based on a movement systems impairment (MSI) approach  and additional clinical tests for hip/pelvic girdle impairments. 

While the MSI typically targets pain reproduction, in this study, the authors assessed for lower urinary tract symptom provocation throughout testing and provided guidance to support decreased symptoms through movement or positional modifications. These initial findings provide information to help guide clinicians in selecting examination measures for a comprehensive assessment for patients with UFLUTS.

Read the research report here.

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