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Meet Dr. Shoshanna D. Lewis, PT, DPT

Dr. Shoshanna Lewis PT, DPT shares her story of how she fell in love with pelvic health physical therapy.

First, I would like to thank the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for awarding me with the scholarship funds necessary to continue on with my pelvic health knowledge. I am humbly honored and plan to use this assistance to pour into my patients with a sharper skill set in pelvic health and orthopedic rehabilitation.

I am originally from Miami, Florida, and moved to Oregon in 2017. Shortly after arriving I met my amazing husband and the backbone to all my endeavors in life. At this time, I was working as an orthopedic physical therapist and had an affinity to the spine and hip injuries. I was happy in this setting but I knew there was a gap in my knowledge as it related to pelvic pain and pelvic floor disorders. Through research, I discovered pelvic floor therapy and found myself interested in this approach but not ready just yet to fully explore it. 

In 2018, I was unfortunately in an accident and was hit off my bike by a vehicle. As awful as this experience was I honestly could not have asked for a better opportunity of growth. It was during my recovery that I went through a myriad of orthopedic rehabilitation, surgery and ultimately pelvic health physical therapy. 

It was my own rehabilitation experience that not only opened my eyes to the benefits of pelvic floor rehabilitation as a patient but sparked my passion for this area of our profession. I learned that pelvic health is so much more than helping with bowel and bladder dysfunction. I just remember telling myself  “Once I heal I will become a pelvic floor therapist.” My aim was to use orthopedic knowledge and pelvic health principles to simply get more patients better. 

In 2020, I took my first pelvic health physical therapy course and I absolutely loved it. It was almost as if I couldn’t get enough information fast enough. Through the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy courses and local mentorship I worked diligently to learn and grow. This scholarship opportunity has honestly been a blessing on my road to CAPP certification. Again, I am so thankful for the financial support and will continue to do what I set out to do for my community, minorities like myself and all vulva owners I can reach. 

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Author Dr. Shoshanna Lewis PT, DPT
Dr. Lewis is a physical therapist in Beaverton, OR and owner of Meruu Core Choice Rehabilitation LLC, a pelvic health and orthopedic private practice. She is a Miami, Fl native with Bahamian roots that now lives in Hillsboro,Oregon with her husband Jared and their labor-doodle Keelo. Her love for pelvic health was sparked through her own need for pelvic health physical therapy after a biking accident. Dr. Lewis’s aim is to help and inspire as many women struggling with pelvic health impairments as possible while normalizing the discussion of these issues without shame.

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