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The Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy is committed to its members.  During the past few months of the COVID 19 pandemic, we pivoted and responded to meet your professional educational needs by creating and offering excellent, affordable and convenient virtual educational courses.

But, did you know we also have been representing you at the¬†first ever virtual APTA House of Delegates (HOD). Why is this important to you? The HOD is the policy-making body PREVIOUSLY comprised of voting chapter (like your state) delegates, non-voting delegates (the¬†APTA Board of Directors, section/academy, assembly, and PTA Caucus delegates), and consultants. Why ‚ÄúPreviously‚ÄĚ?¬† For the first time in our Association‚Äôs history, ALL academies and sections will be able to vote in the HOD along side the state chapters!¬†This will undoubtedly bring a more holistic approach to decisions made in the HOD about topics effecting the profession and society through practice, research, education and policy. This is truly a monumental time.

Other noteworthy motions that have been approved include appropriate uses of telehealth, allowing the APTA BOD to be more creative in how we offer membership dues, and allowing a public member to now, for the first time ever, serve on the APTA Board of Directors. While COVID-19 has presented so many obstacles, we have innovated and continued to serve you by moving forward with hope and action.

We would like to thank all of our members who have worked for the past few years to help garner support for the Academies and Sections to have this voice.

Secili DeStefano, PT, DPT
Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

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