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Outcomes Following Multidisciplinary Management of Women With Residual Pelvic Pain and Dyspareunia Following Synthetic Vaginal Mesh and/or Mesh Sling Removal 

Abraham, Annie M. MD; Scott, Kelly M. MD; Christie Alana BS, MS; Morita-Nagai, Patricia PT; Chhabra, Avneesh MD; Zimmern, Philippe E. MD

There is evidence to support that multidisciplinary management including interventions of pelvic floor physical therapy, medication management, and therapeutic injections may be helpful in reducing refractory pelvic pain after vaginal mesh or mesh sling removal. The authors of this study found that there was some improvement in patient condition in 50% of patients who were compliant with the treatment. They also found that 24% of patients achieved greater than 50% improvement in their pain scores. 

Read the FREE ACCESS study to learn more about the interventions provided and the patient population studied.


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