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Part V: The Next 5 Years, Creating Driftwood with Tamra Wroblesky, PT, DPT

Welcome to the five-part blog series featuring Tamra Wroblesky, 29, recently named Emerging Leader of the Year by the APTA. She is no stranger to the Section on Women’s Health, as she was Student Special Interest Group President in her last year of school, represented the Section at several conferences, marched on Capitol Hill, and is currently on the Name Change Task Force. In her two years since graduating PT school from Thomas Jefferson University, she opened up Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy with Alison Ankiewicz, her last clinical instructor, and a celebrated pelvic physical therapist in central NJ with over 20 years of experience. In less than two years, Tamra and Alison have grown their reputation and their practice, by hiring three more pelvic therapists to their team and providing quality care to Central and Jersey Shore residents.

What I am most excited for in the 2018 year…

2018 will be a celebration of our third year at Inner Dynamics and my 30th birthday. I am excited to continue developing our business, fostering our staff, and launching our new website, while balancing my health, fitness, and emotional wellbeing. Now that we have five therapists, we have more energy and opportunity to reach the public and spread awareness about pelvic health issues. I’m excited for all the new faces that will walk into our office and how much I will change their lives and how much they will change mine.

Where I see myself in the next 5 years…

“I see myself continuing to grow my practice on the Jersey shore and provide high level pelvic health care to all types of communities. I see myself balancing my practice and my patients with my other passion of mountain climbing and travel. To date, I have done 21 of the highest points of each state with my boyfriend, and I hope those are completed in 5 years and I have 3 more of the 7 summits (highest point of each continent) under my belt. I see myself continuing to work with weightlifters and other athletes with incontinence, pelvic, hip, and groin pain, and giving more workshops on pelvic health to places that don’t have good access to care. I want to spend the next 5 years spreading better awareness of pelvic issues so that I no longer get patients who have been searching for answers after many years.

What ignites and drives my passion for the physical therapist profession…

Just the other night I had my patient turn to me and say “You’re a really good doctor, you know that? You’re the first person in the past 5 years to actually listen to me.” The joy I receive from having a profound impact on people’s lives is immeasurable. One of the greatest gifts I’ve received from a patient is my first fancy ballpoint pen. She made it with her father-in-law out of driftwood she found on the beach. On the day she was discharged, she told me the driftwood was meaningful because for the longest time she felt tossed and turned from one doctor to the next. It was only after she went through her journey that she could turn out smooth and beautiful. I use that pen every day and when I feel the smoothness of the wood, I think of my own journey as a piece of driftwood. It began for me the minute I experienced sharp pelvic pain at 18 years old. If only I could tell myself back then that it wasn’t a curse, but a catalyst. Obstacles have a funny way of turning out to be your greatest source of power. I go to work every day excited that I get to make life better for someone else. I get to explain what’s happening and reduce fear. I get to be a part of the recovery process. I get to create driftwood.Author

Tamra Wroblesky, PT, DPT, is co-owner and pelvic health physical therapist at Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy in Ocean City, NJ. She was the former SSIG president of the SoWH and is on the Name Change Task Force. Prior to moving her pelvic pain advocacy to the treatment room, she shared her recovery from pelvic pain on her blog, Sky Circles, and in Pelvic Pain Explained, a book about pelvic health physical therapy. In addition, her pelvic pain story has been featured on MTV’s mini-documentary show “Real Life.” [twroblesky@gmail.com]

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