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Part II: My SPT Days, Creating Driftwood with Tamra Wroblesky, PT, DPT

SoWH Blog Series | Posted Every Monday, Nov 20 – Dec.18, 2017Welcome to the five-part blog series featuring Tamra Wroblesky, 29, recently named Emerging Leader of the Year by the APTA. She is no stranger to the Section on Women’s Health, as she was Student Special Interest Group President in her last year of school, represented the Section at several conferences, marched on Capitol Hill, and is currently on the Name Change Task Force. In her two years since graduating PT school from Thomas Jefferson University, she opened up Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy with Alison Ankiewicz, her last clinical instructor, and a celebrated pelvic physical therapist in central NJ with over 20 years of experience. In less than two years, Tamra and Alison have grown their reputation and their practice, by hiring three more pelvic therapists to their team and providing quality care to Central and Jersey Shore residents.

Pursuing a Career in Physical Therapy: My SPT Days

When I was a first year student, I was still settling into a rigorous academic program and was working as a live-in nanny to pay for my housing, so I didn’t get involved with much of anything. When I was in my second year of school, I attended NSC in Indiana, introduced myself to the Student Special Interest Group, and became the Director of Programming. I coordinated the happy hours for the Section on Women’s Health at many different events, and got to meet wonderful and inspirational pelvic therapists that would answer any of my questions. My third year in school, I became president of the SSIG and attended more conferences representing the SOWH, further strengthening my networking with all the therapists I have previously met. I won the SOWH scholarship to attend CSM and was able to attend great programming about women and pelvic health.

During my last year in school, I also took Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1 for continuing education, as my school had little to no information about pelvic health. I also was contacted by Elizabeth Rummer and Stephanie Prendergast to write about my story for their upcoming book, “Pelvic Pain Explained.”

Words of Wisdom for Graduating Students

“Be adaptable. Our field and our knowledge is constantly evolving. Most of what I learned in school just two years ago is horribly outdated. I love the environment we have at IDPT because a therapist is always coming in with a new research study or case report, or we’re watching new exercise videos on social media to become more creative. Never get comfortable, challenge yourself, and think outside the box.”

Stay tuned for “Part III: My First Year in Practice”



Tamra Wroblesky, PT, DPT, is co-owner and pelvic health physical therapist at Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy in Ocean City, NJ. She was the former SSIG president of the SoWH and is on the Name Change Task Force. Prior to moving her pelvic pain advocacy to the treatment room, she shared her recovery from pelvic pain on her blog, Sky Circles, and in Pelvic Pain Explained, a book about pelvic health physical therapy. In addition, her pelvic pain story has been featured on MTV’s mini-documentary show “Real Life.” [twroblesky@gmail.com]

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