Lymphedema Coding Tips 101

Have you ever wondered if you’re billing for lymphedema services and treatment correctly?

Are your lymphedema services being denied?

Billing for the Application of Multi-layer Compression System

Here is some guidance on correct CPT codes and how to use  modifiers correctly to help you get paid for your services.

CPT codes, 29581-29584, can be used to bill to insurance for the application of multilayer compression bandages used in lymphedema treatment. Below are the definitions of 29581-29584:

  • 29581: Application of multi-layer compression system of the leg (below the knee) including the ankle and leg
  • 29582: Application of multi-layer compression system of the thigh and leg including the ankle and foot (the entire leg)
  • 29583:  Application of multi-layer compression system of the upper arm and forearm
  • 29584: Application of multi-layer compression system of the upper arm, forearm, hand and finger (the entire arm)

Billing Tips when using CPT 29581-29584

Although recognized as valid physical and occupational procedure codes, it is payer specific. It is recommend that one checks with their payer to verify if 29581-29584 will be covered when rendered by a physical or occupational therapist.

When billing manual therapy 97140 with codes 29581-29584, modifier 59 must be added to 97140.

When billing for bilateral application of multi-layer compression there are two options in submission:

The first option is to bill 2 units of the code and add modifier 50 to the code indicating bilateral application of compression system.

  • 2 units 29584 followed by modifier 50

The second is to bill 1 unit with a modifier RT for right and the second unit with a modifier LT for left.

  • 1 unit 29584 followed by modifier RT 1 unit 29584 followed by modifier LT


katie-pringKatie Pring, MPT

Katie works in an outpatient orthopedic practice. Katie has developed a women’s health program which includes the treatment of lymphedema, pregnancy and postpartum care, and pelvic floor therapy.


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