Tuesday Tools – Happy Baby Yoga Pose

Happy Baby, also known as “Ananda Balasana”, is a hip opening pose used in yoga practice. This pose puts the hips in flexion, adduction, and can be biased to hip external or internal rotation depending on placement of hands.

How I use it:?  I like to use this pose to create a lengthening effect in the levator ani group. You can ask the patient to fully relax the pelvic floor or gently bulge, as needed. If motor control or isolation is what I?´m after, I´ll use gravity in this pose to help with a active assisted levator ani contraction.

Precautions/Contraindications: Take great care with application of this pose if your patient is experiencing knee dysfunction or is pregnant.

See the post on Yoga Journal for facts about this pose.? Click here for Video!

This video is a good example of the pose with varying levels of ability. Click Here for Video!

Do you use this pose in your practice? If so, what for? Please leave a comment below to join the conversation!

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