2021 Elections and Bylaws Vote Results

2021 Election Results

Elections closed on June 15, 2021. This past week, the Nominating Committee individually reached out to each elected candidate to obtain their office confirmations and also reached out to non-elected candidates. Please join us in congratulating the following Academy members in being elected by the Academy membership to our leadership positions. We thank our membership for helping us identify and recognize leaders within the Academy and nominating them to run in the elections. All elected candidates will receive additional instructions regarding next steps and orientation by end of this month. Thank you to all who have voted in our summer elections to help share the future of the Academy!

Thank you to all members who ran for positions this year!

Your drive, passion and leadership skills are inspiring. We invite you all to consider volunteering in other capacities or running again in the 2022 nominations and elections. To learn about other volunteer positions, please visit our Volunteer page.

Academy Elections powered by SimplyVoting

For integrity purposes, all voting has been conducted using SimplyVoting, a third-party voting platform that will automatically tally votes. If you are a 2021 election candidate, please stay tuned for an email or phone call from the Academy Nominating Committee to let you know whether you have been elected.

Eligibility to Vote

There are going to be TWO voting polls, one for SPT members and one for PT/PTA members. Based on your membership type, when you login to vote, you will only see the voting poll you are eligible to cast your vote in. Below is an overview of each voting poll.
  • PT/PTA Members
    • You will be eligible to cast your vote in the 2021 National Board, Nominating Committee, House of Delegates, EPSIG, PPSIG Board Elections and Bylaws Amendments approval
  • 2021 SPT Members (Students)
    • You will be eligible to cast your vote only in the Student Elections poll
    • SPTs are not eligible to vote for proposed Bylaws Amendments so bylaws related voting questions will not appear


Here is a general overview of key dates. Date are subject to change by the Nominating Committee.

  • Nominations: January 15, 2021-April 30, 2021
  • Elections: May 15-June 15, 2021
  • Candidates Informed: June 16-20, 2021
  • Results Announced to Membership: June 21-27, 2021

Help / Support

If you do not remember your APTA ID #, email address or have trouble with the SimplyVoting platform, please contact our office for assistance. Our Office staff will help troubleshoot and respond to you within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT.

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2022 Nominations & Elections

Explore the next positions that will be up for elections in 2022 for the 2023 slate of leaders.

2021 Bylaws Amendment Vote Results

Thank you to all PT and PTA Academy members for casting their votes for the 2021 proposed bylaws amendments. The proposed bylaws have been approved by the membership. 6% of eligible members voted with majority voting in favor of the article amendments. At this stage, the approved bylaws have been submitted to the American Physical Therapy Association for the second parliamentary review by the APTA Board of Directors before they can be formally adopted by the Academy. Additional updates will follow in July 2021.

Article I. Name – 97% approved
Article II. Purpose
 – 98.5% approved
Article III. Objectives
 – 96.5% approved
Article IV. Component Membership
 – 100% approved
Article VI. Meetings 
– 99.5% approved
Article VII. Board of Directors
 – 96.4% approved
Article VIII. Committee
s – 100% approved
Article IV. 
Delegate to the Association’s HOD – 100% approved
Article X. Nominations & Election of Board of Directors –
 99% approved
Article XVI. Executive Director
 – 100% approved

When Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy PT and PTA members log in to vote via SimplyVoting, part of the Ballot will consist of 2021 Bylaws Amendment questions. Members are invited to cast their vote for the approval of the proposed Bylaws amendments. Continue reading to learn more about the proposed Bylaws changes and how they impact you.

Why Bylaws Matter

It is important that bylaws are current and accurately represent the organization and its membership. The Academy’s bylaws provide comprehensive guidelines in which the association operates. In April 2021, the Academy Board of Directors released its proposed Bylaws Amendments to the membership for review. The Academy also conducted a Bylaws Town Hall on May 6, 2021 to present the amendments, provide justifications and address questions from the membership.

YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT: For the proposed bylaws amendments to pass, we need a majority vote with minimum participation of 5% vote of the eligible members voting (Reference: Bylaws). We highly encourage all members to cast a vote for each article.

Proposed Bylaws amendments/changes are presented in the following manner:

  • Red crossed out font signifies the removal of text| Example
  • Navy blue bold font signifies the addition of text | Example